10 reasons how salesforce can help you grow your business

Today, everyone wants to do more for their consumers, expand their businesses into new sectors, and diversify their revenue streams. Every business aspires to be able to develop in a way that attracts new consumers while retaining existing ones. In our modern day, a variety of CRM platforms are accessible to provide you with services that will assist you in achieving such goals. Salesforce is one of the most premium CRM solutions available and is the world’s leading CRM platform. Why is Salesforce so popular? What is it about Salesforce that makes it the world’s finest CRM?

Salesforce, founded in 1999, entered the market as a platform that is always evolving to fulfil end-to-end criteria and improve customer happiness. Since then, Salesforce has been at the forefront of the most creative and comprehensive CRM systems, seamlessly suiting all company aspects. Salesforce assists businesses in growing by increasing customer interaction, improving the sales management process, and performing tailored marketing campaigns. Companies exhibit the following tendencies as a result of Salesforce implementation, according to Salesforce:

  • Revenue will increase by 25%,
  • Customer satisfaction will increase by 35%
  • Increased marketing ROI by 25%, and
  • Productivity will improve by 44%.

  • As Salesforce Consultants, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons why Salesforce is the finest and how it can help you expand your business:

    1. Ease of accessibility: Using Salesforce is a breeze. The apps are intuitive to use and provide a comprehensive view of all data and consumer information. Accessing data from anywhere in the world is advantageous, especially for salesmen on the road. With a 360° view of a customer’s information in one location, adding modules, fields, creating sales processes, or changing workflows is quick and just takes a click. Salesforce quickly gives a pool of useful customer information, allowing one to monitor prospect customers, making it the most insightful customer CRM.

    2. Cloud Technology: Salesforce was the first firm to introduce a cloud-based CRM, which can also be utilised as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). The system can handle complex business models while requiring no additional cash for setup. It established a safe and advanced cloud architecture and provides cloud solutions for Sales, Marketing, Support, and Analytics. Salesforce Service Cloud centralises all of a customer’s vital data and facilitates smoother service delivery. Everything is at fingertips, from client profiles to the dashboard and case histories. It not only makes work easier, but it also helps to increase productivity. Salesforce cloud-based solutions provide on-the-fly task management by giving exceptional cloud solutions for each functional unit.

    3. Customizability: Salesforce has one of the most comprehensive sets of default capabilities among CRMs. During the Salesforce setup process, organisations may select the features that best fit their needs and configure the CRM for their own procedures. Salesforce configuration is as simple as point and click, which adds to its numerous advantages. Salesforce’s customizability is unmatched, with the flexibility to link business apps, selecting from pre-existing features, and building extensions. With such tailor-made solutions, all of the clients from different industries and business sizes use Salesforce to drive their success. They are living examples of Salesforce’s adaptability and suitability to a wide range of sectors.

    4. Accessing Social Media Platforms: By using the Salesforce CRM, one may become responsive to clients on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Using keywords, classifiers, and language detectors, an organization’s agents can begin resolving issues quickly with the proper approach. With Salesforce, it is simple to track which marketing strategies are effective, which aids in identifying the more worthwhile campaigning methods. It will thus also help businesses save money and increase overall productivity.

    5. Reporting: Salesforce provides a robust range of reporting features. These will save businesses time, money, and a multitude of other resources. Salesforce’s reporting feature is customisable, and it allows for contract administration as well as real-time data and analytics. All account activity, including sales, deals in the queue, completed tasks, and so on, may be examined utilising Salesforce’s insightful reporting capabilities. One can generate reports with custom metrics as per the requirement. Such extensive reporting tools and interactive dashboards assist in better strategizing business decisions.

    6. Smart Collaboration: Smart collaboration fosters shared experiences and skills, which is extremely beneficial to any business at significant phases. The platform is used for document sharing and communication, which allows agents to debate issues and discover solutions as a group. It also makes it more easy for service managers to review and track the performance of team members without having to hunt for and wait for additional input. Working in real-time contributes to a stronger organisational environment and culture by involving employees in everyday operations and supporting them in evolving.

    7. AppExchange: Salesforce’s AppExchange allows one to create and distribute their own app, as well as have access to thousands of useful, secure, and validated apps and connectors produced by other users. The AppExchange app ecosystem refers to the marketplace where free and paid apps are delivered. All of the applications on AppExchange are completely integrated, allowing one to concentrate all the information in one location. Salesforce users have access to over 2800 applications for improving customer interaction and growing their businesses. Lightning App Builder empowers users to create and customise their own apps.

    8. Mobile CRM: Salesforce CRM is one of the first platforms for introducing mobile CRM concept. When users are on the road or on vacation, the mobile Salesforce CRM platform allows them to access information, manage tasks, and team progress on their smartphone. Users may create engaging experiences for their clients as well as remote staff by utilising simpler drag-and-drop features in conjunction with the personal mobile phone platform. Having the Field Service Lightning Mobile App on hand helps one fix issues swiftly and promptly. Overall, Salesforce mobile provides a reliable platform to observe, interact, and manage everything. Thus one can improve team’s efficiency by using mobile CRM, as it allows them to complete activities from any location and at any given time.

    9. Improving Customer Satisfaction: Salesforce for business owners assists them in transforming customer satisfaction by connecting customers with live agents. It strengthens client retention and hence brand reputation by improving customer engagement. The ability of a sales representative to follow a customer’s lifetime is priceless. Every touchpoint with Salesforce can be recorded and evaluated afterwards to help improve the service quality. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Desk.com, and other features assist to better understand the demands of the client. Salesforce provides a valuable and rich experience to a businesses’ customers by creating one-to-one customer journeys and generating analytics to offer personalised insights.

    10.Support & Community: The Salesforce community is always available to assist and support. The computer telephony integration (CTI) technology enables agents to use call centre functions while also facilitating easy handling inside the service panel. Salesforce is a family of users, partners, consultants, clients, students, and so on. Anyone can become a member of the Salesforce Ohana, established to help one easily collaborate. When anyone has a problem with Salesforce or don’t know how to do anything, they may simply ask for support in the Salesforce community, study in Trailhead, join user groups, search for solutions in Salesforce Help, enrol in Salesforce Webinars or Office Hours, and so on. The community is very supportive and knowledgeable, and will always strive to help.


    Salesforce is always evolving and reimagining itself. After a 23-year journey, this CRM has evolved into a powerful force in customer interactions and sales. The firm is working to develop its products so that business’s may have a CRM solution that successfully and efficiently maintains client data and delivers it in a substantial manner. Salesforce offers new tools three times a year to strengthen their credibility for product quality and customer happiness. It provides a strong and well-documented open API on a Cloud-based platform, making its integration simple and swift. Salesforce allows one to more efficiently map business operations, increasing productivity and lowering overhead expenses. Salesforce can generate more income than any other CRM since it provides the best tools for expanding the consumer base, increasing up-selling and cross-selling, and gaining important insights into marketing campaigns. It is completely scalable as business expands in terms of volume, personnel, and revenue. Salesforce has worked aggressively to develop a brand identity while effectively demonstrating growth, keeping clients through service and value, and building a feeling of collectiveness among customers and stakeholders, making it a CRM brand to be reckoned with. If you’re seeking for the ideal CRM for your company, look no further. Salesforce is dedicated to quality, and its remarkable features will pay benefits in no time. Salesforce works seamlessly for all, serving all B2B & B2C clients. Technology Mindz is a prominent Salesforce Consultant with a strong team of experienced specialists having expertise in providing tailor-made solutions as per business’s requirements. Contact us today to remain ahead of the competition, growing your business by hitting new records and achieving your milestones.