5 Research-Based Insights to Improve your Salesforce CRM Performance

The focus of current commercial businesses has shifted to implementation of new technology in the form of digital solutions. The reason for this is due to a number of reasons, including:

  • Accelerate exponential growth
  • Increase customer engagement
  • A greater emphasis on achieving profitable results

Salesforce is an excellent tool for achieving them. The explanation is that it aids in closing the gap that exists between humans and technology. As a result, corporate administration becomes extremely simple.
Furthermore, several research studies favour Salesforce deployment in corporate operations. One such study discovered:

  • A 25% increase in income for Salesforce clients
  • A more than 30% satisfaction rating among customers utilising Salesforce-based goods
  • A 44 percent boost in sales productivity within a year.

So, with the assistance of a professional Salesforce consulting partner like Technology Mindz, you can have access to research-based insights that can help you uncover some of the possible gaps that are impeding your optimal CRM installation. Additionally, we will assist you in understanding your genuine potential and attaining remarkable success in your organisation.

Following, we will tell you How Research-Based Insights Accelerate Salesforce CRM Performance:

1. Self-Sufficient CRM for Security and Remote Work Connectivity:

With the digital pivot that organisations have made in recent years, there has been a shift in CRM platform use and development. Salesforce has evolved to meet the far more sophisticated demands of its clients today. Salesforce now puts a focus on remote work connectivity and high-tech security.

Why are these two variables so important? It is occurring for the following reasons:
  • More than half of CEOs believe that security is the most important aspect in attracting new clients.
  • A little more than two-thirds of employees believed that enhanced remote workforce connection would allow them to provide the finest services to their clients.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is the main reason that Salesforce is giving paramount prominence to safety and remote working features. Salesforce has proved itself to be a more flexible, secure, and resilient CRM. This shifts the conversation from total cost of ownership to the positive value of opportunity.

2. Reliable CRM for Future Requirements

Business adaptability has emerged as the most looked alternative for enhancing the usability of a CRM system. Several factors illustrate its acceptance:

  • Because of remote working, more than half of executives struggle to maintain a positive customer experience. Employees are unable to quickly access the resources
    required to maintain the same level of client engagement.
  • Issues such as information access issues, productivity challenges, and a lack of adequate communication and coordination also have an impact on their connection
    with consumers.

This demonstrates a strong desire for a CRM that is simple to use, has solid integration, and allows staff to navigate with a high degree of freedom in order to create an atmosphere conducive to a positive customer experience which is exactly the forte of Salesforce.

3. CRM extends beyond Sales and Service

A CRM platform’s most basic use-case is to collect user data. Needs, however, have shifted throughout time. Salesforce now helps organisations to suit their needs for

  • Sales
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Services catering E-Commerce

As the second key use case, the majority of CRM users feel that the offered system is now finding a digital-first strategy to sales, service, and marketing. The transition from CRM as a tool for customer engagement to CRM as a tool for building a linked customer experience across touchpoints is a significant one.
There is a growing trend that indicates more and more teams adopting CRM for other vital tasks in order to reduce workload and boost efficiency. Hence, Salesforce provides a topnotch service in terms of making your CRM experience go beyond your expectations.

4. CRM for Centralized Data Management

When there is fragmentation in a Salesforce CRM system, data silos emerge. To circumvent this, most businesses use distinct CRM systems for each department. However, it makes it more difficult for staff to access and use the information required to create a more integrated client experience. It thus, becomes hard to generate a cohesive brand picture of customer and prospect data to guide decision making when data is distributed across platforms.

  • Almost 60% believe that these divisions have a detrimental influence on the quality of customer experiences.
  • According to 70% of users, CRM fragmentation means that customer and prospect account data originates from too many sources.
  • 64% reported a lack of a corporate perspective of all consumer data.
  • 61% claimed they had a lot of analytics but little usable data insight.

Personalised CX is only achievable with a centralised, scalable data and integration strategy and a single, dependable source of customer information across the full customer lifetime. Employees must have access to data in the proper location and format, and they must have the necessary skills and training to evaluate and apply that data to influence choices and workflows.
To establish a better atmosphere for successful customer relationship management, a Salesforce CRM consulting service provider should use a scalable and centralised data integration strategy. We are pleased to inform you that Technology Mindz has expertise in this field.

5. CRM with Artificial Intelligence capabilities

The latest CRM technology links data across departments. It also promotes automation, which allows staff to focus on more effective client encounters by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Several insights point to distinct facts:
  • Half of executives intend to invest in an AI-powered Salesforce CRM system to assist employees in their daily routine;
  • Approximately 80% of Salesforce organisations will have AI-powered CRMs to boost customer prospecting by 2023; and
  • 78 percent of companies will use AI-based automation systems to relieve employees from day-to-day repetition procedures.

AI recommendations in Salesforce are a boon to businesses. It will improve their decisionmaking abilities and assist them to pursue consumer acquisition more aggressively.
So, if you’re looking to construct a CRM roadmap, the main focus should be on expanding automation and AI-powered processes to obtain the greatest conversations with customers and also to make your teamwork to its full potential, and we’ll help you get there.


By Accelerating digital adoption, Salesforce has significantly increased the value of relationships – the “R” in CRM – never seen before. People, not technology, are the true change makers, and they require the necessary tools and skills to do it. Adoption, training, and change management are all key components of CRM deployment and employee experience (EX). Organizations may make it simpler for their customer-facing personnel to access actionable data to help them generate memorable experiences by integrating CRM systems throughout all departments, teams, and processes. Companies are beginning to take advantage of a new generation of CRM use and strategy
that integrates data across departments to automate processes, promote personalization, and enable anytime, anywhere productivity.
However, today’s teams and businesses aren’t capitalising on CRM technology’s full potential as a driver of customer-centered growth. To realise its full potential, a company must focus on developing a well-thought-out CRM strategy that better envisions the future. As more transformative technology becomes available, organisations throughout the world must focus on implementing. Salesforce solutions that are scalable, robust, and technologically sophisticated.
So, bearing in mind the altering trends of working in the provided digitalized environment, a popular research insight can assist organisations in gaining maximum power and improving their Salesforce CRM performance. We at Technology Mindz assist in providing such services.