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Should You Upgrade Your Help Desk to a 24-Hour Service Desk?

In today’s connected world, companies strive to provide continuous customer service that keeps
up with society’s rapid pace. Businesses are considering expanding their help desk operations to deliver 24-hour service to remain competitive and grow in a market that never sleeps. However, due to limited resources, delivering such services can be difficult, especially when the standard nine-to-five desk paradigm falls short. As a result, to develop further and fulfill demand, upgrading help desk support becomes a necessity.

There are various aspects to consider as a business owner before taking this big step. You may also be debating whether to develop an expanded support desk in-house or outsource these services. This blog’s goal is to answer your concerns and help you make informed choices.

First, let’s determine whether your business requires 24-hour help desk support.

Some of the common signs that indicate the need for 24-hour help desk support are:

1. Business expansion: If your company has grown its operations abroad, offering products or services across borders to clients in multiple time zones, you will need to expand your help desk personnel.

2. Overworked employees: Relying on your employees to work extra and provide after-hours assistance may appear to be a realistic approach at first. However, when the number of service requests increases, your employees may feel overburdened. This can reduce their productivity during regular working hours and their overall job efficiency.

3. Time-sensitive Products/Services: The products or services you offer may have time-sensitive needs, necessitating 24-hour client care. Your industry demands constant availability to cater to your customers’ needs.

4. Overnight Request Backlog: The bulk of service requests or inquiries may be received outside of typical business hours. This causes a backlog of evening inquiries, which can influence overall issue response time and, as a result, customer service quality.

If you consider increasing your internal workforce by recruiting more people, you may not get the intended results since your firm will become overly reliant on them.

Hence, instead of striving to develop an internal 24-hour help desk, it is important to consider outsourcing your help desk.

How do outsourced IT services provide 24-hour support?

When your organization wants round-the-clock help desk support, outsourcing services may be a very cost-effective way to ensure that your users get the help they need, whenever they need it.

General Steps involved when you outsource desk services:

Step 1: Your outsourced help desk service provider will hold in-depth talks with you to better understand the unique difficulties you encounter.

Step 2: They will evaluate how their services can be integrated into your current business activities.

Step 3: They will identify and resolve any security or compliance needs.

Step 4: Utilizing their available resources, they will provide you with comprehensive 24-hour coverage.


Customer service is critical to guaranteeing client happiness and maintaining consumer loyalty. Depending on your geographical emphasis and the type of your products or services, it becomes increasingly vital to consider providing 24/7 customer support as your company expands.

To address these needs, Technology Mindz offers exceptional outsourced IT services. Be assured of the quality of our services and the value we deliver to our clients. We are committed to meeting your needs and expectations.

Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you meet your service desk needs.  

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