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Technology Mindz Rebrands to Support its Strategic Vision

Technology Mindz takes on a new journey ahead

Technology Mindz has grown and evolved over a decade since it took its first step into the corporate world. The company has progressed simultaneously across several different dimensions and is now a dynamic and diverse organization. With time evolution, the company decided to change its brand identity elements and start a fresh journey with new challenges.

The idea behind visual identity change was to suit the new world order by articulating the transformation of our brand. The all-new visual identity of Technology Mindz reflects our growth aspirations and propels the brand into a new era. While keeping intact the core values that have earned the unequivocal trust of its customers.

Visual Brand Identity Elements

Brand Logo

Our newly designed logo represents three pillars of the company, i.e., Excellence, Innovation, and Performance. It emulates our global outlook, evolving nature of the organization, and progressiveness towards continuous improvement. It is flat and uncluttered, designed to live in movement. Visually, it gives a clean, fresh look and makes the company appear more contemporary and sophisticated. In short, it is a manifestation of what we stand for as we build a par-excellence brand for best-in class customer experience.

The Colour Scheme

Blue White
RGB 5, 60, 120 RGB 255, 255, 255

Our new colour scheme for the logo is monochrome. The choice of vibrant and ever-visible blue colour signifies technology and knowledge whereas; the pure white colour stands for trust and loyalty. Both the colours represent our brand’s vision.

Brand Statement

Our brand statement “Redefine Excellence” reflects the ability to deliver excellence across all our business domains and technology through continuous innovation and performance improvement. Delivering excellence is more than a choice and we chose it since ‘Excellence’ is a vision statement for us. Achieving and delivering excellence is what we stand for by taking appropriate action and commitment to do the substantial work of getting it right. Our team of experts state our vision true with their rich cross-industry experience, comprehensive knowledge, and understanding of the industry.

The New Website

We also revamped our corporate website to go along with the new visual brand identity. Our new website is built on our idea of being a modern and diverse business. Our bright colours, distinct design aesthetic, and appearance style presents a clear statement of the work that we do for global teams every day.

The updated website provides the users:

  • Easy access to our core values and services
  • Key solutions in a contemporary and structured way
  • List of industries and domains we serve
  • Insights into real-life customer experiences in form of case studies and blogs
  • Quick access to connect with us

Our Core Values

The core values of Technology Mindz are the guiding principles behind the company’s remarkable growth, helping it to become one of the most recommended and valued enterprises. Our core values make us stand out in the crowd.

Customer delight: We are all about going the extra mile to deliver our promise

Utmost integrity: We do what we commit and we commit what we do. Our winning formula!

Seamless partnership: We believe in transparent collaboration and work together to achieve your business objectives

Passion for innovation: We strive to create an impact for the organization and customers with innovative ideas

Our world-class global delivery, passion for innovation, and data-driven results earned us the name of the trusted IT technology partner. We are trusted to deliver on-time promises to our customers since a decade and continue to do so in the future. With 125+ experts on board, we are committed to distinct customers across the USA and have successfully delivered 100+ global projects to clients worldwide. We have a strong presence in advisory/ consulting, information technology, healthcare, real estate, education, professional services, banking and finance, and e-commerce.

Our Future Roadmap Ahead

Today, we closely work with clients across different domains to embrace a radical approach that benefits all our stakeholders. We aim to make a shift with the latest technologies i.e. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cloud Computing.

Technology Mindz has come a long way, becoming a leader in not only web and mobile technology, but also creating a successful niche in CRM and staff augmentation. Our vision is to embrace the future through smart innovations and drive performance through technological developments. We help you to accelerate performance and innovations. We stand by our commitments to a long-term partnership, collaborative innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Connect with us or read more to solve challenges related to technology and human resources, and get customized solutions.

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