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Industry: Healthcare

Integrating Salesforce with HubSpot Integration

The Salesforce Hubspot integration by Technology Mindz helps in for migrating the contacts data from HubSpotContacts in Hubspot to the contacts or and leads data in the Salesforce CRM platform, depending on whether they are converted or not the file conversions.


Salesforce HubSpot Integration


October 29, 2021

The Objective

The client was looking for a solution to copy their customer’s data from HubSpot to Salesforce., initially when a lead comes in,they the contact data would be created in HubSpothubspot by the sales team. and Later, when the such contacts in HubSpothubspot is remarked as “converted”(converted into leads), then the client wanted to convert migrated it to the lead contact into the salesforce platform.

The Challenge

There were difficulties in converting leads to contacts in Salesforce upon after every update of in lead status of contacts in HubSpot.

The Solution

Technology Mindz reviewed the business requirement and pain points of the Salesforce users and by considering all the specifications, integrated the following solution(s):

  1. Created an integration job process to copy data in from Hubspot HubSpot contacts to salesforce leads once the contact is created marked “converted” in the HubSpot portal.
  2. Developed a sync process to update these converted statuses in Salesforce leads data.
  3. Created a flow to convert leads and to convert by using apex the APEX InvocablemMethod.

The Benefits

This Quip integration provides the following benefits to the user:

  1. Reduces time to copy data from HubSpot to Salesforce as the data sync is automated.
  2. Automatically converts the qualified leads to contacts in Salesforce to and avoid manual intervention.

The Results

The customer’s client achieved the following results after using, this ‘Salesforce HubSpot Integration’ provided by Technology Mindz:

  1. A Remarkable reduction in the manual process to of copying data from Hubspot HubSpot to salesforce.
  2. Avoid human errors in while copying data were avoided due to as it is automation.
  3. Converting HubSpot leads to Salesforce contacts automatically in salesforce became an automatic process.