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Document Organizer

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A centralized approach to manage files and attachments

Document Organiser helps SalesforceLightning users to work efficiently with all files and attachments by accumulating and handling the data from a centralized system. The feature provides complete control to a user over the panel, having creating a seamless user interface for file integration and management. The Document Organizer also helps users to search and arrange the files and attachments under several categories and later export them if when needed.


Download files in different formats.


Developed an app


Multiple selections of files in one go, detection & sorting of files, support for all file types.

The Objective

Salesforce Lightning users are seeking a tool, software, or technical setup that can help them with organize documents properlyorganization. The users require this tool or feature to have a gain a strong capability of managing all files and email attachments with easily. Technology Mindz is committed to providing a robust and scalable document organizing system to its customers, with the an automated feature of automation that not only resolves their issues but also,helps them sort bulk downloads.

The Challenge

The main challenge is to manage all file formats and email attachments in bulk within the Salesforce CRM platform. For Salesforce users, it’s a painit is difficult to set up an integrated approach for finding the email attachments and files from the web as well as and/or from other document management systems. Therefore, It is essential to have an advanced technical feature that can dynamically change and fast-forward the current working process and to bring higher productivity and desired results for an organization seeking work excellence in procuring, organizing, and managing data procurement, organization, and management.

Some of the other key issues faced by the Salesforce users are:

  • Difficulty in managing bulk files and attachments.
  • Manually finding the files and attachments.
  • Non-availability of quick search functionality.

The Solution

Technology Mindz reviewed this business requirement and its pain points of the Salesforce users and by considering all the specifications and delivered an integrated the following solution(s)that offers:

  • Developed A single platform for managing all files and attachments (which also, supports Email-to-Case).
  • Implemented searching and sorting, based on information parameters like such as name, date, type, and size of files.
  • Provided An option of searching your files from a collection at the spur of the moment.
  • Established Several segments for email attachments and uploaded files.
  • Enabled users with the functionality of sorting images and documents separately.
  • Delivered the option of uploading multiple files and getting a list of files and attachments (received via email in the Salesforce) on the “All” tab section.
  • Facilitated users with the preview files option for all documents, one after another.

Technical Approach

The following approach was applied to fulfill the particular business requirements of Salesforce users:

  • Segregated all the attachments and files as per the category.
  • Differentiated the file formats in the enclosed version <contentversion/contentdocumentlink/files>.
  • Used regex REGEX for searching functionality.
  • Created functionality to preview all the files related to a particular record or case.

The Benefits

Document Organizer provided the following benefits to the end-user:

  • Easy to Mmanagingesystem integration for bulk files and attachments made easy.
  • Significant reduction in time to manage case tickets.
  • Self-learning mechanism and that technically resolving the raised case tickets in no time.
  • Streamlined process to enhance the performances of Salesforce users.

The Results

Every Salesforce user achieved the following results after using this cohesive and integrated,‘Document Organizer powered by Technology Mindz:

  • 50% reduction in time to process the case tickets.
  • Achieved better user satisfaction to while managing the bulk files and attachments.
  • Enhanced customer experience with a faster ticket processing and resolving system.
  • Facilitated an advanced feature of sorting all documents and helping in data organization and management..