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Download Manager

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Download multiple files in a single click

The Download Manager helps Salesforce Lightning users to download bulk files and static resources in a zip ZIP file format. The feature allows a user to download and manage the required files instantly and hassle-free. Download Manager also auto-detects the format of a file and sorts them under the below categories:

  • All files
  • Documents
  • Static Resources
  • PDF files

The feature also enables a user to select all the documents present in a Salesforce organization for downloads and to save them in a device for later use as per convenience. The Download Manager also further allows dynamic searching and pagination.


Download files in different formats.


Developed an app


Multiple selections of files in one go, detection & sorting of files, support for all file types.

The Objective

A Salesforce user often finds it difficult to download multiple files at once. Considering this challenge, Technology Mindz created a better and more adaptable download management system that allows a user in Salesforce to download the files in bulk, and saving a lot of time in hand. Also, this system can enableing users to scan through the web pages and display all the downloadable files to download in multiple formats as per their convenience requirements.

The Challenge

To download the documents in bulk with the Salesforce advanced CRM platform,it is necessary to adapt to the this advanced technology that has and its updated features. A Salesforce user today needs a faster working mechanism, where an advanced Download Manager that can not only save time but also,reducing the operational cost and , leaving more room to focus on higher productivity e tasks.

Some other challenges faced by a Salesforce user may include:

  • Difficulty in downloading bulk documents and static resources.
  • Searching for different format files and downloading them all at once in required formats.
  • Placement of the downloaded documents in the selected folders.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges faced by the Salesforce user, Technology Mindz came up with the an enterprise solution.,The updated ‘Download Manager’ facilitatesing:

  • A single platform for the mass downloading of files and static resources.
  • An Iintegrated feature to download the bulk files in a single zip ZIP file (format).
  • Established different segments for .DOCdoc files, pdfPDFs, and other static resources.
  • Enabled the user to Ability to browse files with a dynamic searching option.
  • Empowered the user to selection and keep maintenance of multiple records of the respective files under different folders and enabling their download them later as per their convenience.
  • Implemented functionality to download 100’s hundreds of documents in a zip ZIP file for future use and reference (up to 400MB).
  • Implemented functionality to download 100’s of documents in a zip file for future use and reference (up to 400MB).

Technical Approach

To fulfill the specific requirements of the user, we applied the following approach:

  • Differentiated the static resources and files as per the category.
  • Created a combo box where users can select multiple objects.
  • Used regex REGEX function tool for searching functionality.
  • Created a function that converts the selected files into a zip.
  • Differentiated the <contentversion/contentdocumentlink/files>and static resources.
  • Implemented functionality to getthe files according to selected list view.

The Benefits

This Download Manager solution provided the following benefits to the end-user:

  • Multi-selectioned of the files in one go and as well as downloaded downloading bulk files as well as static resources.
  • Detected Detection of the file according to the extension and sorted sorting them into categories.
  • Supported Support to all types of files: images(JPEG, PNG, etc), MS Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), PDF, ZIP, etc.
  • Custiomized function Allowed customization and facility to add your own extension(s) to for downloads.

The Results

The Salesforce user achieved the following results after using the comprehensive, ‘Download Manager’, powered by Technology Mindz:

  • Enabled to the download of documents and static resources in bulk.
  • Achieved user satisfaction by sorting the documents and organizing the downloads symmetrically.
  • Enhanced the user experience and reduced operational costs with an easy categorization to manage and keep the downloaded files, the feature enhanced user experience and reduced operational cost(s).
  • Attained a faster work mechanism to manage the tasksby using the a centralized system and the technical approach of, ‘Download Manager’.