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Integration Products to Salesforce CRM

Industry: Recruitment

Integration of recruitment portal products to Salesforce CRM

Technology Mindz helped one of the leading recruitment companies to to automate the sync of job product database. It seamlessly connectedsSalesforce Lightning CRM to external recruitment system, which improvedsthe work process and makes made it easy for the customer to manage the productsdata fetching between 2 two recruitment agencies’CRMs.


Manually managing products, real-time retrieval of all product information, managing the existing database is challenging.


Implemented a synchronization between the recruitment agencies' products names and our client's Salesforce CRM. We updated the product data every 24 hours, added a batch/queue update field, creating an online product database.


By using a single platform, the recruitment team closed job profiles faster, reducing update time. This reduced operational costs.

The Objective

The client wanted Technology Mindz to integrate the process to of managing the products sync between 2 two separate recruitment platforms. With this,the client was looking to automate the sync of the products and wanted to avoid manual processing as it is which is very time-consuming process.

The Challenge

By manually adding the data in the CRM, the client was finding it very facing major difficulties to in managing the existing data updates and to adding new product details. Without this integration, the major challenges for the client without this integration are were as follows:

  • Manual product data management.
  • A time-consuming process as a user where the user needs to fetch the product data one by one.
  • Difficulty in real-time fetching all the product information real-time.
  • Multiple Challenges to in managing e the existing database updates.

The Solution

Technology Mindz reviewed the complete requirement,including their existing Salesforce CRM interface,and provided the following solution:

  • Created sync between the recruitment agencies’ product data and product names to the client’s Salesforce CRM.
  • Provided functionality to upset the product data in every 24 hours.
  • Created a field to make the batch/queue schedulable to for real-time updates.
  • Developed a product database to store the data into Jobboard_

Technical Approach

  • Implemented sync of the recruitment company’s product database to a custom object in the Salesforceplatform.
  • Created a batch class to fetch the data every 24 hours.
  • Developed an integration to upsert the product details.
  • Developed functionality to store product database into location Jobboard_c.
  • Implemented anintegration to sync recruitment agencies’product data and product namesto with the Salesforce CRM.

The Benefits

  • Real-time job updates.
  • All information at one place.
  • No need to fetch the data manually which makes saved time significantly process time-saving.
  • Automatedsyncing of product details,including name and variant.

The Results

  • Remarkable A remarkable reduction in time to manage the product updates.
  • Helped the recruitment team in closing job profiles faster as they got the updates on a single platform.
  • Minimized the operational expenses.
  • Fixed the problem of fetching existing product updates manually.