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Left Main Trial Force

Industry: Real Estate

Left Main Trial Force

Trialforce is a feature provided by Salesforce to provide free trials of your product to your customers and prospects.


Installing your product for every customer, configuring and setting up their data.


nstall the package in just one org and configure it there.


Automated their entire trial provisioning process.

The Objective

Your customers will always need to try your product before purchasing it. It’s always a headache to install your product in your client’s org and do the necesaary customizations every time for every client. Trialforce lets you do this just once and you can distribute it to your various customers.

The Challenges

  • Installing your product every time for each of your customers or prospects.
  • Doing the same configurations and data setup at every customer org.

The Solutions

Trialforce was implemented where we needed to install our package at just a single org and do the configurations there. Sample data was also created in this org from which a template was created. This template’s ID was then used to create trial orgs for clients which will be the exact copy of the org from which the template was created.

Technical Approach

  • Created a Trialforce Management Organization (TMO) by logging a case at the Salesforce Partner Community.
  • Created a Trialforce Source Organization (TSO) from the TMO.
  • The product was installed in the TSO. The necessary configurations were done and sample data for the users were created.
  • Created a template from the TSO.
  • Submitted the Template for review in the Partner Community.
  • Used Signup Request API for the distribution of trial orgs to customers.

The Benefits

  • Saves a lot of time as this needs to be done only once.
  • Once a new version of our product is released, this new version can be installed in the TSO and a new template can be created from it. While creating new trial orgs, this new template Id can be used.
  • Tracking of Trials provisioned is easier as these are available as Signup Request records.

The Results

The client was able to successfully automate their complete trial provisioning flow. The only intervention needed is while creating a new template.