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Technology: Salesforce

The Client

The client is an information and advisory services company that helps hospitals and medical agencies to personalize, demystify, and humanize the patient experience. Reclaiming for patients the holistic, patient-centered focus that medicine had lost. Looking at everything that touches the patient from their perspective.


Choosing the right Salesforce offering, capturing requirements, prioritizing.


Set up agile project management tools, integrate peripheral systems with Salesforce, and leverage Salesforce features for specific client needs.


Improved customer satisfaction by integrating agile project management, increasing Salesforce features, and resolving scattered requirements.

The Objective

The client uses Salesforce and other systems for marketing and sales organization. They were seeking to integrate peripheral systems with Salesforce for incoming data and setting up workflows in Salesforce for their business requirements.

The Challenge

The client was facing multiple challenges like:

  • No project management setup for running the developments.
  • No use of the right tools for capturing requirements.
  • Prioritization of requirements.
  • Technical challenges on choosing the right salesforce offerings.
  • Harnessing the power of Salesforce to their benefit.

The Solution

The client engaged with Technology Mindz to perform a detailed review and analysis of their current Salesforce system and recommend solutions accordingly for leveraging the Salesforce platform.

  • Setup project management tools and processes, using agile methodology.
  • Integrate peripheral systems with Salesforce for incoming data.
  • Leverage salesforce offerings for client’s business needs.

Technical Approach

For fulfilling client’s requirements, we applied the following approach

  • Setup JIRA as a user story and project management tool, with Kanban board.
  • Setup thrice a week meeting for backlog grooming and new requirements gathering.
  • These meetings were also used for user story prioritization.
  • Integrated peripheral systems with Salesforce for incoming leads.
  • Setup duplicate management on leads and contacts.
  • Used other Salesforce offerings for business process implementation.

The Benefits

After implementing the solutions client got the following benefits

  • Clients got clear visibility and control on the product roadmap and feature releases.
  • The release cycle became well defined and user feedback incorporation became faster.
  • Better utilization of the Salesforce platform resulted in better user adoption.
  • Faster data integration gave clients leverage over their competitors.
  • The above changes enabled clients to serve their clients in a faster and better way.

The Results

  • Resolved the problem of scattered requirements.
  • Setting up agile project management resulted in faster feature deliveries.
  • Increased salesforce feature utilization and user adoption.
  • A satisfied client and client’s clients.