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Salesforce Lightning Component

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Salesforce Lightning component to enable easy browsing of files

File Explorer is a Salesforce Lightning component that helps Salesforce users to browse, view and download files that are uploaded on the salesforce or platform. This component can be added anywhere in the Lightning, including the Salesforce home page to and the Salesforce apps home page. With this users can browse libraries and also see files that are created by them and shared to them.


Files are difficult to search and browse, sections and files are difficult to manage, it was necessary to leave the screen when browsing another file.


Salesforce libraries allow users to access shared and user-created files, users can view and download files from anywhere in the Lightning ecosystem, and supports unlimited file loading.


Easy to use Lightning component quickly previews and downloads files from anywhere, saves time and increases productivity.

The Objective

Salesforce users were seeking a component to browse, view and access files in just a few clicks.They were looking for a solution through which they can access the files available in the Lightning or under any Salesforce application without going to the standard files tab. Their purpose was to saves time and helps the users to make decisions quickly.

The Challenge

  • Time-consuming process to browse the files in different tabs.
  • Need to browse the file from different sections.
  • Difficultiesto in searching the sections to browse the files.
  • Need to leaving the screen for checking another file was compulsory.

The Solution

Lightning File explorer component provides the following features:

  • Provided functionality to browse the salesforce libraries.
  • User can access files that are shared to the user and that are created by him/her.
  • User can view and download files from anywhere in the Lightning salesforce or ecosystem.
  • Supports infinite loading and works with any number of files in the organization

Technical Approach

To fulfill the specific requirements of the user, we applied the following approach:

  • Differentiated the files that are uploaded in different libraries.
  • Created tab for files that are shared and owned.
  • Added direct preview and download options to the user while browsing.
  • Infinite scrolling functionality added to work with any number of files.

The Benefits

File explorer lightning component provided the following benefits to the end-user:

  • Access files easy from anywhere from the Lightning environment.
  • Preview, download and share file options enabled.
  • User can add custom CSS to the table.
  • Supported all types of files: images, office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), PDF, ZIP, etc.
  • Improved the working efficiency.
  • Display the relevant file as per the required search.
  • One-click download enabled.
  • Improved the overall working efficiency.

The Results

  • fast and responsive lightning component that can be added anywhere in lightning org.
  • Improved user experience to view files anywhere and quickly preview and download.
  • Significant reduction in time to manage file tasks.
  • Improved the speed of the work.