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Salesforce QUIP Integration

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Salesforce QUIP Integration

Salesforce quip integration by technology Mindz helps for automated partner site provisioning, user creation and document sharing in quip. This integration helps business to create user and share documents automatically on creation of a contact which eliminate lot of manual activities.


No Quip API existed for creating users on managed sites directly.


Implemented Quip API for creating partner sites, new user creation in managed sites with Apex class, HTML parser to read quiz response, functionality to copy documents and folders in the new user's name, and the option to set automation levels.


Improved efficiency, as customers no longer need to log into Quip to create users and provide access

The Objective

Client was looking for a solution to create a partner site for their customers automatically in quip, create a user and add the particular user to partner site and provision documents for them.

The Challenge

To create user in managed site, there were no Quip API’s to create user in managed site directly. To overcome the challenges, it was essentials to have html parser to parse few quip API responses.

The Solution

Technology Mindz reviewed the business requirement and pain points of the Salesforce users and by considering all the specifications,

integrated the following solution(s):

  1. Developed Apex class to consume Quip API to create partner sit, create new user in managed site
  2. Built html parser to read quip response for Authentication API
  3. Implemented feature to copy the documents and folder in contact’s name and provision those to the newly created user.
  4. Added provision to turn on and off the automation so that customer can use it according to their need.

The Benefits

Quip integration provides following benefits to the user,

  1. Reduces time to create a customer data and provide access to documents
  2. No need to log into quip to create user or copy documents, everything can be done from salesforce itself

The Results

The customers achieved the following results after using, ‘Quip salesforce integration’ provided by Technology Mindz:

  1. Remarkable reduction in time to create user in quip and provide required access.
  2. Enhanced working efficiency as customer don’t have to login to quip for quip operations