How Salesforce Marketing Cloud can solve 3 Major Marketing Challenges

Every day, in a world where marketing drives brands, one receives hundreds of promotional emails. The majority of these either end up in spam or go unnoticed. Customers today do not want to see the same type of content every day. Even the best possible items can fail owing to ineffective marketing and advertising, yet an ordinary product might be a best-seller if the right content is delivered. Marketers have been attempting to engage clients in novel ways by utilising sophisticated technology and a relentless pursuit of innovation. On a deeper level, however, there is a gap between customer expectations and brand fulfilment.

With fierce competition, it is difficult to sustain brand and product identity. In such a moment, it is essential to make conscious use of all available resources. Selling the same product to the same consumer the next day as a result of the same mass email distribution tarnishes your image rather than enhancing it. We live in a digital age, where social media influencers and marketers are competing to be the best. Surviving and emerging as the greatest of the bunch is a faraway fantasy, but it is not impossible. As a marketer, this presents both an opportunity and a difficulty.

Today, marketers that are not strategic will have their efforts lost in the plethora of different marketing messages out there. Fortunately, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) makes this task considerably easier. SFMC employs predictive analysis methodologies, which allow it to harness previous data to forecast future trends, helping businesses to plan their marketing strategy more efficaciously.

We will discuss how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can assist in addressing the three key challenges that every business faces today:

1. Generating Customer Awareness/ Obtaining Valuable Customer Insights:

Marketers must showcase their brand in a way that captures the attention of customers in order to stand out among them. Sending out generic emails isn’t really useful these days, especially when everyone is expected to bring their A game. People want to feel appreciated in this day and age, thus they expect their emails to have a personal touch. It is critical to develop a brand strategy that is centred on the consumer, as they are the most important. To successfully interact with them, a marketer must first have a deeper understanding of their purchasing habits and tendencies. Knowing the consumer persona makes it simple to pitch the product/service to them. A well-thought-out and well-executed plan will promote brand growth and loyalty.


With the aid of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, one can engage with customer contact points and acquire vital customer information. It broadens the perspective in terms of target audience, enabling in the development of stronger marketing campaigns and plans. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has the following features:

  • Audience Builder enables one to combine customer information from many sources such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and others to create a single unified view of the client. It allows for a more rapid and in-depth understanding of client characteristics and habits.
  • Social Studio enables one to listen in on social discussions using a robust social listening tool that keeps track of social channels. Additionally, it helps in staying involved in the dialogue, streamlining social activities, and developing a holistic image of consumer.
  • Journey Builder is used by marketers to manage all of their communication channels, including email, social, online, and mobile, from one platform. It also takes cues from customers and helps them through the customer lifecycle. It enables marketers to write out the necessary activities that must be made when responding to client behaviour and automates their implementation inside the ecosystem.

2. Effective Customer Communication

In today’s digital world, generic marketing communication does not work. Getting a consumer to open and read a message is incredibly hard enough. Every day, customers are flooded with hundreds of marketing communications. When delivering message, marketers must consider the consumer’s mind set to guarantee that the content resonates deeply and the customer performs the intended action. Sending a piece of communication that has nothing to do with their preferences, surfing history, or prior transactions may rapidly lose a customer’s attention This low conversion rate has an impact on sales. As a result, it is a significant effort to give the needed, personalised content in a way that captures customers’ interest as well as appreciation.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s drag-and-drop content tool assists marketers in creating compelling emails. Marketing Cloud focuses on personalised client journeys across all connected devices and channels. Marketers can connect and communicate with their consumers in real time from any location. It has the advantage of tracking the customer’s degree of satisfaction with product delivery. Marketers may automatically deliver relevant messages through web, email, push notifications, SMS, and other channels using dynamic content blocks, automated predictive choices, and predetermined event triggers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud analyses campaign results with pinpoint accuracy. The impact of each encounter is assessed in order to identify the marketing process’s strengths and weaknesses. These findings are then utilised to improve on existing approaches and develop future tactics.

3. Driving Better Customer Experience

Successful marketers not only understand their consumers’ needs, but also take the effort to provide extraordinary and superior client experiences based on their preferences. This is where tools like Predictive Analysis are important as they help marketers make the best business decisions at every stage of the customer experience. Marketers must identify a strong and priceless instrument to drive Customer Experiences. Employing powerful and priceless technologies may be quite advantageous in terms of improving customer experience (CX) and business success. Delivering the finest customer experiences is a wonderful approach to stand out from the swarm of businesses fighting for the attention of customers.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables marketers to service their consumers in a multitude of ways. It is beneficial to examine the customer’s past in order to forecast their future actions or replies. Consumer history will assist marketers in understanding customer behaviour, such as when customers leave the basket, share a product, or are more inclined to purchase. Marketers can develop new tactics and create good company effect based on these consumers’ insights. Marketers may even enhance and raise client happiness based on their preferences, attract new consumers to items, and benefit the firm by increasing customer response rates. If a consumer, for example, consistently buys products on sale, they will constantly be informed about the upcoming discount. As a result, enterprises can create a unified, seamless client experience.


In a nutshell, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the ideal platform for providing valuable, personalised experiences across channels and devices, allowing marketers to send the correct messages at the right time and on the right channel and foster deeper and more lasting relationships. It addresses all areas of consumer contacts and engagement in order to provide smoother 1:1 journeys with companies. Having meaningful customer insights aids in advertising in such a manner that it boosts brand engagement, improves conversion rates, and maximizes customer lifetime value. When one has tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud at their disposal, they can quickly solve the majority of marketing problems. At Technology Mindz, we use the most advanced technology solutions to design, develop, and execute an exceptional and high-performing integration and implementation of wide selection of Salesforce CRM Services. Get in touch with us right now to learn more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other services that we offer.