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If you want to take full advantage of the Salesforce platform, you should implement the most important Lightning features. Let us assist you in leading the market with Salesforce Lightning.
Salesforce’s Lightning Experience makes sales easier and more personalized. It helps employees work more efficiently, faster, and better using the desktop environment. Upgrade from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. Customize Salesforce to make it Lightning-ready with our expert services. Utilize Lightning components and UI for optimal ROI with our Lightning specialists

What Do We Offer?

Lightning App Development

Your business could benefit from both managed and unmanaged lightning ready applications. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about user-friendly and mobile-first applications.

Easy Lightning Migration

Increasing productivity and customer revenue growth can be achieved by switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.

Community Portals for Lightning

In order to provide seamless integration, we customize Salesforce Community Cloud solutions for Lightning UI.

Building Lightning Components

In order to accelerate your future development efforts, we design and develop custom re-usable Lightning Components.

Deep Integration with Einstein Analytics

Using Einstein Analytics Reporting, we help you can create graphs, charts, and lists to get a real-time view of data, metrics, and other helpful information. Combine that with Salesforce Ecosystem.

Customized Solutions

Lightning Console App, a tool for personalizing products, offers end users the opportunity to become platform-ready sooner than expected. Providing an enhanced user experience, with its easy-to-use features leading to better customer engagement.

Why Technology Mindz?

We can assist you in automating your business processes with Lightning Process Builder. Automating your repetitive, standard, and routine tasks can optimize your operation.

We develop outstanding Lightning-ready AppExchange solutions that will improve the functionality of your Salesforce instances. Our solutions are available to businesses of all sizes.

Our Lightning Components help reduce the time it takes to develop an application and allow for future enhancements.

With our superior skills in UI and UX, we are able to create lighting-based designs with pixel-by-pixel precision for your Salesforce applications.

Our Work Speaks For Us!

We have been trusted by our clients for more than decades now! We strive to offer excellence, when it comes to services related to Salesforce Consulting. Not just that, our work and customer’s success speaks for us!

Credit Report

Credit report is a Salesforce Lightning component that provides the credit history of a loan borrower, co-borrower and co-signer on the same platform. For a loan creditor, it’s necessary to gather the credit score details and the previous credit information of the loan borrower to approve the loan.

This component converts the 3rd party credit report’s information in the readable format.

Download Manager

Download Manager helps Salesforce lightning users to download bulk files and static resources in a zip file format. The feature allows a user to download and manage the required files instantly and hassle-free.

Download Manager also allows dynamic searching and pagination.

Loan Origination System

One of the leading Canadian Financial Technology companies improves customers’ financial situation and credit score with Salesforce Implementation by automating the adjudication process of their loan origination system.

The client is one of the publicly listed leading financial services providers in Canada.

Document Organizer

Document Organizer helps Salesforce Lightning users to work efficiently with all files and attachments by accumulating and handling the data from a centralized system. The feature provides complete control to a user over the panel.

Document Organizer also helps users to search.

How Can We Help?


We have the expertise to handle all Salesforce projects from start to finish. Using Agile methodologies, we can assist clients with assessing their needs, developing and optimizing solution architecture, and building and prioritizing project backlogs.

Self-Managed Teams

Among the services we provide are self-managed teams for data migration, system upgrades and optimization, ongoing technical support and bug fixes, and system administration managed services.

Staff Augmentation

For those businesses looking to scale quickly, we offer a strategic, nearshore partnership of experienced, certified Salesforce developers and consultants.

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