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Optimize Pardot Capabilities with Migration to Lightning Experience

Pardot is a one-of-a-kind marketing automation comprehensive platform that aids in the formulation of a successful company strategy. It enables teams to integrate sales and marketing processes, resulting in more quality leads, better prospect nurturing, and a more efficient marketing/sales cycle.
By switching to Pardot Lightning Experience, businesses will be able to take advantage of new product features and updates that are only accessible on the Lightning platform. The Pardot Lightning application has various capabilities that are not accessible in the Classic app or its legacy platform ‘Pi.Pardot.com.’

The following are the Pardot Capabilities that you may access while migrating to the Lightning experience:

1. Business Units of Pardot
Pardot Business Units is a tool that allows customers to develop marketing databases that are tailored to certain brands, locations, or items. Instead of hosting several Pardot instances, a centralised Pardot instance may house a synchronised organization’s marketing database. Using the Pardot Lightning app, managers may move between several Pardot installations and configure which prospects to sync with each business unit.
2. Effortless integration with Salesforce Lightning
The Pardot Lightning App is easily accessible within Salesforce Lightning by using an app launcher. As a result, the Salesforce Campaign tab is easily accessible from the Pardot Lightning interface, eliminating the need to transfer from Salesforce to Pardot while designing campaigns.
3. Lightning Engagement History
The Engagement History Dashboard is powered by Tableau CRM, which allows marketers and salespeople to see and analyse data from all marketing campaigns across all platforms. It extracts
potential data metrics from records and provides users with critical campaign-related data, allowing them to generate effective and strategic reports.
4. Pardot Snippets
Snippets remove the need for extra work by allowing the replication or repetition of common data across several assets and campaigns. These are pieces of data in the form of text, picture, link, HML tags, or dates that may be reused as content in landing pages, email campaigns, forms, and so on. Snippets are a feature unique to Pardot Lightning. They may be shared and utilised across several Pardot Business Units, avoiding the requirement for data rewriting.
5. ESTO (Einstein Send Time Optimization)
Einstein Send Time Optimization is the pinnacle of artificial intelligence. It collects user data and schedules email delivery based on the user’s previous behaviour. With such characteristics, the likelihood of a target user seeing communications improves dramatically. Marketers may use STO to
enhance email and push notification engagement. One would be able to send messages to contacts at the appropriate moment and analyse analytics in the dashboard to manage and plan future interactions with features of STO and Journey Builder. ESTO allows customers to specify a message delivery timeframe ranging from 3 hours to 7 days.
6. Landing Page and Email Builder with Drag-and-Drop
The Pardot Email tool in Lightning Experience allows you to generate emails without coding by just dragging and dropping. The Lightning platform includes design tools for swiftly editing, recreating, and viewing emails. To improve email functionality, one may also enter custom HTML and access HML merge elements in the same page. Previously, Pardot customers had to develop various templates for usage in engagement initiatives. This delayed users’ time and resulted in an infinite number of templates in Pardot. A single email may now be used to list emails and engagement programmes, thanks to a new feature upgrade in the Pardot Lighting application. The Pardot Winter 2022 update offers drag-and-drop functionality for landing pages as well.


Migration to the Lightning platform is necessary with the retirement of the Pardot Classic App for Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. While pi.pardot.com is still accessible, all future developments will take place on the Lightning platform. As a result, the Lightning Users would
undoubtedly have the advantage. In the following years, the Pardot Lightning App will gain numerous strong and distinctive features. There is no question that it would be a major upgrade for
Lightning App users over Classic App users. If you haven’t already migrated/enabled the Pardot Lightning application, now is the moment. Migration to Lightning will not only simplify your marketing activity, but it will also help you overcome the constraints of Pardot Classic and ‘pi.pardot.com.’ To Migrate to Lightning Experience or to contact for the best Salesforce solutions and services methods in the market, always consult Technology Mindz. We bring the following:
1. Necessary knowledge and experience.
2. Dependable and efficient service & support
3. Great track-record of Customer Satisfaction