Organizing Your Files: The Effective Way

Organizing your files in an effective way becomes a breeze when using Salesforce and its integrated applications. Files are often critical components to everyday tasks, demanding to be accessed as quickly as possible with minimum effort. So much of our time is wasted digging through months, even years, worth of documents to find one, single document or excel spreadsheet. This not only heavily decreases productivity but also leaves us with a feeling of frustration or annoyance- a salesforce application can solve these issues.

Organizing your files in an effective way will save the unnecessary mouse clicks, lost time you cannot get back, and mental fog from combing through a virtual mess. Even though there is a “search” option within the files browser, having a software system at your disposal like Salesforce is best to keep from relying only on search or some other means of organizing your files. Remember: organizing your files is key to productivity and to staying on track with both business and personal goals. Luckily a salesforce application is there to help make organizing your files an easy and stress-free process.

Organizing Your Files with a Salesforce Application: Documents Organizer

One tool that is guaranteed to make your life a little more stress-free is a Salesforce application called “Documents Organizer” that does just that- organizes documents. This Salesforce app is found through the AppExchange platform (powered by Salesforce) which houses thousands of useful business solutions for industries ranging from Finance to IT. Documents organizer is labeled as the “ingenious file manager” as it lets the user take the reins on how they manage their files. With this tool the user has the options to search, sort, export, delete, copy, move, and email their files however they wish. Organization of documents is based on document name, size, date, or type; however, multiple combinations of attributes can be selected. In Documents Organizer there is a feature called “collections” which allows for grouping of documents based on any of the attributes listed above. The user interface is sleek, simple, and laid out in an easy to navigate pattern. There is no initial configuration or system requirements to use this Salesforce application. If problems do arise, there is a customer support email to handle all tech related issues.

Tips on Organizing Your Files With a Salesforce Application

Ok, so we have covered why organizing your digital files will make your life easier and how the Salesforce application “Documents Organizer” can be of great help; let us now dive into some virtual file organizing tips for the Salesforce application: 

  • Create Folders for a Purpose- Only create folders that serve a specific function, and do not create too many that you lose track.
  • Keep it Clean- Periodically delete any unnecessary downloads or old files you have outgrown.
  • Name Files Strategically- Put effort into naming your files & folders (ex: July 2019 Checking Account Statements).
  • Know Your Faves- Favorite/star the files or folders you use most often to easily access them.