Audit management process


- Challenges in generating contracts.
- Challenges in monitoring project tasks duration and other activities.
- Challenges due to limited functionalities in the client’s existing app( PM Milestone).


- Created a new app with customized features.
- Implemented the app within Salesforce using custom configurations.


- Convenience in managing audits.
- Quick updates can be seen from the auditors.
- Improved operational efficiency with tailored features.

Our client is a customer focused international registrar with a unique approach to registration. They offer top-notch customer service to organizations of various sizes and types. Their global presence allows them to effectively and efficiently serve clients regardless of their location.

The client wanted Technology Mindz to replace their existing audit management app with a more efficient application featuring customized capabilities. Their objective was to simplify and optimize their operations.

We gained a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and proceeded to create a new application with additional features tailored to their requirements.


Key Industry

- Business consulting and services

Key Pains

- Reduced operational efficiency due to limited features of their current audit management application.

Product Mix

- Sales cloud and Experience cloud site

Challenges in Instantly updating their clients about progress on their contracts and orders. They were also facing challenges in generating contracts based on the quotes.


Difficulties in the automatic generation of audits after product addition and scheduling.

There were various parties like specific auditors, lead auditors, observers and others. Client was facing challenges in scheduling audits for them individually in their existing app.


Client had various external auditors and they were facing problems in viewing their workload based on criterias like their location and working days.

  1. Created a new application with additional features and implemented it within the Salesforce using custom configuration.
  2. Created workflows to update data fields and send mails automatically.
  3. Created Custom Objects, custom fields, list views, buttons, and actions in the new app. Created all the data tables.
  4. Configured functionalities to automatically generate audits and generate contracts on the basis of the quote.
  5. Configured an upload document functionality for auditor checklist, where the specific checkbox field should be automatically checked when the user uploads the document.
  1. Easy Tracking: The new app is designed to track and manage the projects, milestones, tasks, blocked tasks, overdue tasks, time, expense budgets, and has detailed reporting capabilities.
  2. Increased customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction increased significantly as they received timely updates on the progress of their orders and contracts.
  3. Automated audits: Audits were automatically generated after product addition and scheduling which saved a lot of time.
  4. Increased transparency: Increased transparency since updates from auditors were now received quickly with the new application.
  5. Streamlined processes: The new app helped the client to save time with automated and streamlined processes. It also provided a centralized location to manage all the data related to audits, auditors and customers at one place.