Download manager : download bulk files and static resources


- Challenges in downloading multiple files simultaneously in Salesforce.
- Challenges in organizing files of different formats.
- Challenges in downloading bulk files in a single zip file format.


- Created Download manager that enables instant and secure file downloads to devices.
- Integrated various features and functionalities for increased convenience.


- Ease in downloading documents and static resources.
- Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously and securely.
- Enhanced and streamlined downloading process.

Businesses often find it difficult to download multiple files at once in Salesforce. Considering this challenge, Technology Mindz created a better and more adaptable download management application that allows a user in Salesforce to download files in bulk, saving a lot of time in hand.

The Download manager helps Salesforce Lightning users to download bulk files and static resources in zip file format. It allows a user to download and manage required files instantly and hassle-free. Download Manager also auto-detects the format of a file like PDF, DOC, etc. and sorts them under various categories. 

Key Industry

- General

Key Pains

- Difficulties faced by Salesforce users in downloading multiple files simultaneously and securely.

Product Mix

- Sales cloud and Service cloud

Time consuming process of downloading bulk files and documents individually. Users face many challenges because of slow download speed.


Challenges in organizing files and documents effectively within Salesforce, leading to difficulties in locating and downloading them later.

Difficulties faced by users in downloading bulk documents and static resources simultaneously.


Difficulties faced by users in efficiently finding files they need. If the search functionality within Salesforce is not optimized, it can be frustrating to locate specific documents.

  1. Developed an app to facilitate download of bulk documents and files simultaneously. It allows a user to download and manage the required files instantly and hassle-free.
  2. Integrated functionality to download the attachments from various records in bulk by creating list views on custom and standard objects.
  3. Implemented functionality to download hundreds of documents in a zip file for future use and reference.
  4. Optimized search functionality within the app to facilitate users find the files they need efficiently.
  5. Integrated a feature to auto-detect the format of files and sort them under various categories.
  1. Enhanced and streamlined downloading process: Download manager is a reliable and efficient app for managing downloads. Its user-friendly interface, impressive download speeds, robust file organization capabilities facilitate enhanced and streamlined downloading process.
  2. Impressive download speeds: It utilizes multiple connections to optimize download times, ensuring that files are obtained swiftly and efficiently.
  3. Easy organization of files: The Download manager app can automatically recognize different file formats and organize them accordingly. It lets you download files with just one click .
  4. Enhanced user satisfaction: Enhanced user satisfaction with easy categorisation and management of downloaded files and documents.