System enhancements for a non-profit organization


- Lengthy and manual process of driver and rider onboarding.
- Reduced customer satisfaction due to errors in billing.
- Operational inefficiencies due to bugs in the client's Salesforce org.


- Documented business processes where performance was low.
- Automated the user onboarding process to reduce time.
- Identified irrelevant customizations and removed them.


- Reduced inaccuracies and discrepancies.
- Improved process of user onboarding.
- Proper system for billing calculations.

Our client is a Non-profit organization that has a network of transportation providers and serves older adults and people with mobility challenges, offering door-through-door and arm-through-arm rides for any purpose whenever they are needed. The organization supports sustainable community-based transportation for seniors and people with visual impairments.

The client was facing a lot of challenges and difficulties due to various bugs and data discrepancies in their Salesforce org. They were looking for a technology partner to facilitate system modifications and enhance its overall performance.

We helped the client to solve their pain points by modifying existing functionalities in the system. We applied Salesforce best practices while implementing new stories and refactoring existing code base.


Key Industry

- Non-profit

Key Pains

- Poor maintenance and slow processing of system.
- Lots of data discrepancies in records.
- Technical debt accumulation in system.

Product Mix

- Service cloud, Sales cloud, Experience cloud, Pardot, NPSP Package

Manual and lengthy process of onboarding various users which led to inaccuracies and wastage of time. There were a lot of discrepancies in records which impacted the operational efficiency.


Slow system because of the long synchronized process. The client had a highly complex system which was challenging to maintain.

Unnecessary customizations in the client's system which were not in use but affected transaction time. Heavy customizations led to accumulation of technical debt.


Lack of a proper system for financial calculations which led to errors and discrepancies in billing. This led to decreased user satisfaction.

There were a lot of bugs in the system which were hampering the output of various processes. The users were facing difficulties in booking rides because of these bugs and discrepancies.

  1. Integrated Salesforce out of box functionalities to automate the process of user onboarding.
  2. Evaluated the process used to calculate financial data and refactored the complete process by implementing configurable and future extensible processes.
  3. Documented business processes where performance was low and fixed the pain points. Identified customizations which were irrelevant and removed them from the active code base.
  4. Setup a continuous improvement delivery process that includes defects, new user stories and code refactoring, with weekly release to production.
  1. Improved customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction increased significantly since the process of financial calculations was streamlined which reduced billing errors.
  2. Time saved: The automation of rider and driver onboarding resulted in significant time savings.
  3. Easy maintenance and improved performance of the system: Removal of unnecessary customizations resulted in improved performance of the system.
  4. Quick process of booking rides: The riders were now able to book rides quickly since the transaction time of the system was reduced.