Upgraded website version from Magento 2.1.7 to 2.3.4


- Serious security and performance risks.
- Website loading speed issues.
- No tool to track transaction details on the website.


- Deployed security enhancements to enhance website security.
- Provided new architecture to enhance the speed of the website.
- Customized various functionalities to enhance the overall UI of the website.


- Enhanced UI interface of the website to improve user experience.
- Enhanced functionalities to meet the client’s business needs.
- Elimination of serious security issues.

Our client is actively involved in the skincare industry, offering personalized skincare solutions both for personal use and through partnerships with institutes in multiple countries. The client was using an older version of website and was facing many challenges. This case study illustrates how we helped our client to overcome these challenges by building a website with upgraded version.

The client was looking to upgrade their website in order to enhance its performance and make it more interactive and user-friendly. While looking for an advanced process they were seeking someone who can upgrade the website technology version.

We understood the client’s requirements thoroughly and created a new website for the client with an upgraded version. With the upgraded version, our client received the brand new online store on a powerful platform with enhanced functionality that plays a vital role to meet the customer’s business needs. Also, it helped them in eliminating serious security issues and reduce performance risk.

Key Industry

- E- commerce

Key Pains

- The client was facing a lot of challenges due to the older version of their website.
- Unable to track complete details of transactions on the website.
- Poor User interface of the website.

Product Mix

- Magento

The client was facing many challenges like security risk, performance risk, slow checkout process and others because of the older version of the website on Magento.


There were no new module updates and website loading speed issues were there in the current version of the website.

No tools and components for tracking the complete details of the transactions in the website from all channels.


The client was looking for a separate E-commerce B2B store for customers who have already registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Created a new website with the upgraded version and new module updates for the client’s business. Changed the overall website’s user interface.
  2. Integrated new website architecture to enhance the speed of the website.
  3. Integrated FB Pixel, Google Tag Manager and product feed to track the overall transactions’ details.
  4. Created a B2B E-commerce prescription store which only allows verified and registered users to buy the products.
  1. Enhanced security: Deployed security enhancements to fortify the website's protection against threats and potential vulnerabilities.
  2. Improved speed: Loading speed issues were resolved, preventing customer drop-offs and improving overall performance.
  3. Customized UI: Various functionalities were customized to enhance the overall user interface, making it more user-friendly and engaging.
  4. Comprehensive transaction tracking: The integrated tracking tools allowed for the collection of complete transaction details from various channels, enhancing data insights.