Salesforce Lightning: Modern Approach to Customer Experience

Salesforce is a cloud-based business application that maintains customers data at a single platform. Salesforce CRM helps in nurturing the leads from the prospect stage to deal closure, improve sales cycle, customer service and analytics. Salesforce provides permission to the users to develop and maintain the app.

There are two versions available with Salesforce, one most commonly used Salesforce Classic and other latest widely accepted Salesforce Lightning. We will tell you why there is a need to switch from classic to salesforce lightning. Due to enhanced lightning features including dashboards, workflows and custom development, now in present system companies are thinking to switch over a better platform.

Uncover the factors why anyone should make a move towards salesforce Lightning:

  • Exceptionally well-designed User Experience for End Users
  • Einstein (wave) Analytics has been added as a new feature
  • LockerService security feature safeguard against malicious inputs

Now let’s understand the depth of Salesforce lightning and their highlights

Salesforce Lightning is a platform for app development that simplify processes for Business users, who don’t have programming knowledge. It provides tools to build next generation UI and UX in Salesforce.

Organizations uses CRM tool to manage customer interactions based on data analysis available in the system. We all know, transformation needed according to business requirement and company must think ahead of competition and time. Thus, need to focus on strategic approach and discover new ways of organization’s interactions with customers where Salesforce Lightning come into picture and enables Salesforce user to drive business and boosting user experience.

We will now inquire the fundamental basis of salesforce Lightning in detail

Lightning Experience: Lightning Experience has a completely re-designed framework that produce more convenient user interface which includes improved sales process and enhance reporting with high security features.

Lightning Framework: Out-of-the-box components of salesforce Lightning framework supports customization and deliver new applications faster.

Lightning Components: Lightning components are easy to use and customize through its reusable building blocks available which require no coding.

Lightning App Builder: Building an app is tedious and time-consuming effort which Lightning app builder has addressed these pain points and introduced drag-and-drop facility allowing developer to customize across multiple apps.

Locker Service: Salesforce accustom new feature of security which protect Lightning components from unidentified access and threats. This robust security architecture to better serve the needs of Lightning applications.

Lightning Testing Services: Enables developer to test suites for your Lightning Components using standard JavaScript test frameworks. It comprises of two major components: LTS managed package (infrastructure) and LTS command for Salesforce CLI (automates running the test suites).

Salesforce users encountered some of the limitations of Salesforce Lightning which includes:

  • Users take time to adjust new interface of the console at the first.
  • Company must take decision to switch on Salesforce Lightning
  • Salesforce Users should analyse the need of the Business scenario

Take your Business to the next level with the benefits of Salesforce Lightning:

Organization has realised the potential of lightning and consider them as superior platform than others available in the marketplace.

  • Increase in lead to conversion rate
  • Boosting the User productivity through enhanced user experience
  • Faster time to sales cycle process and high win rate
  • Amplified analytics and forecasting features
  • Maintain high information security and privacy

In the present business scenario, both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning plays an important role in business growth. Introduction of enhanced features of Salesforce Lightning support salesforce users to build strong relationships with the customers and explore innovative ways of interaction with the prospects. Organizations has focus on managing cost and efficiency to run business operations effectively.

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