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Custom App Development

We are in a digitally connected world and the companies need to be competitive with reliable software applications. This could be achieved by limitless extended capabilities of custom app development, making the businesses more agile and robust in nature. In the rapidly changing business scenarios due to unforeseen circumstances, there is a much-needed gap to be filled by disruptive companies. And the gap is to develop applications at an unprecedented pace, a pace to sustain and match the ever-changing business need.

Therefore, we have come up a competitive Salesforce platform that provides developers and users to access the varied functionalities and user interface to work upon with little or no training. We help to design custom applications for a specific user group and improves the effectiveness of their organizations.

Explore Technology Mindz’s capabilities of Custom Applications Development

Business Success with Custom applications

We build business applications that are built on cloud-based software technology, this is possible due to the easy accessibility of app-building tools. Avoid more expensive methods while designing to improve in-house applications’ effectiveness.

Empower Custom Application with Customer 360

Salesforce customer 360 platform provides access to create business applications and automating the various complex processes. Technology Mindz’s developers put personalized reports and analytics into applications.

Custom App Development unlock Business Opportunities

With the help of custom apps, Business gains a competitive edge in market assuring benefits to organizations. We help our customers with custom app development which gives immense power to developers to design and develop applications where customer data is managed. Keeping an eye on customer engagement provides the company deep insight into their business.

CRM Enhancement with Custom Development

We provide customization needed in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which doesn’t mean to be associated with the Sales & Marketing department only. It can be extended to other departments with custom app development which automates various processes like Human Resource repetitive process for employee onboarding, training, and approvals. Similarly, the accounting department can use customization for their compliance-related work and manage purchase order tracking in one go.

We completely understand the need for Custom App Development

Technology Mindz enables businesses to enhance their experience of product offerings and services through custom app development. With the world’s most accepted platforms, we build apps that give an insight into their customer engagement and that improve efficiencies. We need to take care of the following while developing custom applications and thus meeting our client’s criteria on the below specifications.

  • Time & Resources

    We help to manage time and resources and increase productivity.

  • Security

    Custom application development with strict security can be possible with the Salesforce custom platform.

  • Platform

    The custom app can be developed in iOS, Android or Window, figure out and create a cross-platform app with a unified API and use the same code base for all operating systems.

  • Offline

    Salesforce data provide easy access to their system and work even in offline, which always enhance productivities.

  • Functionality

    Our developers build the custom app more robust and ready to use components.

  • App Management

    Managing company data is critical and to solve this, we need to build custom apps that help to monitor all apps on one platform.

We evaluate your Custom App Development requirement with following benefits

  • Find out the Strict security and privacy regulations for your organization.
  • Address the Industry-specific needs that other software doesn’t support.
  • Technology Mindz is handles fixed and rigid budget allocation problems.
  • Scalable and flexible in nature.
  • Our Experts customize applications in your own way.
  • Our custom App development solution ensures Business continuity.
  • Help you to enhance Productivity and efficiency.

We follow Custom Application Development process for your business

  • Requirement- We understand customer’s requirements and based on that we provide custom solutions.
  • Analysis – We work with our clients and suggest analytical techniques to identify business needs.
  • Design – Technology Mindz creates a detailed design map of the custom applications including technical specifications.
  • Develop– We need to develop custom applications with the available out-of-box components in the Salesforce Lightning platform.
  • Testing– Preliminary testing prior to formal acceptance has been performed by us and take feedback with the clients.
  • Deploy– Customized applications have been tested and deployed in the environment. Verify the fully operational custom solution.
  • Maintenance and Support – We provide On-going support and maintenance is ensured to monitor your system.

Custom app development process