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Mobile App Development

Technology Mindz has worked with a various big giant of the Industry and developed software, mobile applications with the best possible user experience. We all know that mobile app deployment assures business transformation, improves customer engagement, enhance business partner relations. It is very important to evaluate technologies that can serve business needs, the better. Choosing the right mobile technology stack is vital and selecting an appropriate mobile stack result in lower costs and time.

We facilitate users to develop mobile applications without up-front investment in skills and technology. Building mobile apps faster using Salesforce with a great combination of the code-driven tool. We develop better engaging business apps increase business opportunities and insights on customer engagements.

Leverage our capabilities on Salesforce Mobile App development

Lightning Platform

Our expertise on the Salesforce Lightning platform automates business processes with easy access to cloud-based, secure and scalable applications. It provides a podium to integrate with external applications and enhance user experience in mobile applications.

Enterprise-Level Security and Privacy

Security of data plays an important pillar for every organization and platform used for developing mobile applications, which are under the protection of Salesforce. Our customers could get the benefits of access control, authentication, user management, and mobile device management.

Customize in Own Way

Building custom applications in your own way which meet your requirement with ready-made available components or go with code to give a personal touch and experience to the users. If your organizations already have Salesforce business, then it is much simpler to work in this Salesforce environment. Our developers can build apps in Salesforce Mobile SDK in iOS, Android and Window environment and hybrid apps in the JavaScript framework.

Offline Access to Data

SmartSync features of Salesforce Mobile SDK helps to build mobile applications in offline mode. Our mobile developers could work with a click of a button and synchronize the offline database and Salesforce.

Our expertise on Salesforce Mobile Apps services

Technology Mindz focuses on API services, integration services, authentication, event log framework, analytics and collaboration services in iOS, Android, Windows. We help our customers achieve their business process automation through a mobile application and enhance their employee productivity, which in turn maximize their ROI.

Advantages of the Salesforce Mobile App

  • Einstein Analytics

    Provide you a complete view of business, resource management and factors affecting customer satisfaction.

  • Customer 360

    Access to customer 360 tools enables users to manage customer data and customer engagement.

  • Making lead generation simple

    Users can view prospects related information like meeting or call and follow-up on the next steps with the help of the Salesforce Lightning platform. Organizations can monitor different stages of businesses and processes.

  • High-performance and enriched user experience

    With the mobile app, high performance automatically comes into the picture and makes the users be more confident in the decision-making process. The fantastic user interface of mobile apps and drag-and-drop functionality without codes are great combinations for developers.

Why choose Technology Mindz for Salesforce Mobile Application development?

  • Analyzing the customer’s requirement and providing the best solution
  • Hands-on experienced to mobile application development
  • Work with commitment and deliver projects on time
  • Flexible and supportive environment for customers
  • Our team assists in the Full-stack application development