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Process Improvement

Technology Mindz has been a pioneer in business process automation and technological advancement which facilitates managing customer management and customer engagement with Salesforce CRM. Our Salesforce experts have made it possible for organizations to keep an eye on their business growth. Cloud-based Salesforce CRM has been solving problems for millions of companies to improve their processes and define tasks & responsibilities with the use of technology. We are helping organizations using Salesforce enhances their productivity and efficiencies through process improvement.

Technology Mindz supports the customers by developing a chain of integrated processes with keeping customer success at the center of the business. Assisting customer’s concerns and providing the right solutions which improve their business performances. In short, managing the customer-related information and making the process to generate more leads, track customer interaction and close deals faster is key to any business success.

Discover how Technology Mindz could impact your organizations

Easy to Adopt and Implement

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is easy to understand and having simple processes define the system. Making the users gelling with the process and implementing it into their daily activities assure high productivity. The process is clear and concise, users can easily fetch reports and dashboards which provide ongoing activities on customer interactions which faster the sales closures.

Support the Data Integration

Data is the most critical source of any glitches inside organizations. So, it is a priority for everyone to handle data accurately. Data needs to be more precise and accurate within the different departments of organizations. We facilitate users to manage and maintain data accuracy across departments with the help of Salesforce integration.

Provides maximum value to customers

We help companies monitor and keep track of customer engagement and customer satisfaction which ultimately leads to business growth. However, companies have a good platform to know the entire cycle of the sales cycle and maximize profits.

Foster Approach to Process Improvement

Analyzing internal and external processes and strategies to improve better which should be taken frequently. Business heads require a continuous review within the organization to understand the complete customer lifecycle from lead to cash processes. We provide visibility to users and helps them to manage effectively.

    Maximize the business opportunities

    Our Salesforce team addresses the business process needs which makes a business successful. Salesforce implementation allows users to customize, integrate and develop applications that support their overall functions within or outside the organizations.

      Explore how Technology Mindz supporting different functional areas

      • Sales Department

        Sales representatives and managers can enter the lead information and schedule meeting through calls and emails. Keep track of customer engagement.

      • Marketing Department

        Management can track the marketing campaign and measure the success of leads passed to the sales team.

      • Support Department

        Resolving customer issues and complaints on time and achieve customer satisfaction. Take care of escalations and provide support without any delay.

      • Management

        Providing dashboards and reports on customer information to the management and they can strategize for effective sales closures.

      • Application Integration

        Our professionals integrate application which gives users the power to handle all the queries in a channelized manner while following standard processes.

      Technology Mindz has Salesforce experienced professionals on

      Sales Cloud

      Service Cloud

      Marketing Cloud


      We help to achieve effective business performance with Salesforce process improvement

      • Automate your tasks with defined processes
      • Speed up the processes while integrating Salesforce with other apps
      • Improve process accuracy with customer visibility
      • Define processes, tasks and responsibilities of users
      • Monitor KPIs for process improvement
      • Identify potential gaps between processes
      • Provide insight on how to increase the sales pipeline
      • Help customers with time management and enhanced collaboration