Improve your company’s productivity with IT Staff Augmentation

IT staffing has evolved as a new normal for companies worldwide. It gives you leverage to extend your IT team with highly-skilled resources from all over the globe while eliminating the effort and time for hiring and onboarding.

According to the research, nearly 54% of companies worldwide are experiencing shortage of talent. It has almost doubled compared to past decade and is increasing continually. Recruiters in 36 out of 44 countries are finding it difficult to attract skilled talent to their teams.

To deal with the shortage of skilled resources, Technology Mindz provides staff augmentation services to amplify your business capabilities, especially in the IT sector.

What is IT Staff Augmentation? When does your company need it?

IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that allows companies to hire highly skilled resources globally. This strategy is used to extend the in-house project team with external resources on a permanent, temporary or short-term basis to fulfill the project on time.  This strategy includes evaluating the in-house team, analyzing the needed resources, and then hiring external resources.

For instance, XYZ company requires a resource for three weeks on an immediate basis, however, is unable to find a suitable and skilled resource. In such scenarios, staff augmentation comes into the picture. It helps you to hire temporary staff from the IT Staffing company as per your needs. The hired resources remain on consulting company’s payroll and you need to pay the hiring fees to the consulting company.

IT Staffing Company delivers you with all the needed resources at the earliest and gets your job done on time.

Why should companies use staff augmentation?

Staff Augmentation or IT outsourcing is an effortless way to scale up and support the in-house development team. It provides unmatched flexibility and is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Outstaffing eliminates the long process of recruiting, hiring, paperwork, registration, and employee onboarding. Moreover, when it comes to short-term projects, IT Staffing is one-stop solution.

There are many scenarios where companies can benefit by using staff augmentation:

Hires additional resource With staff augmentation, you can hire additional resource when you need to meet a temporary spike in your project.
Bridges the resource gap Staff augmentation helps you to hire a local developer for your in-house team and bridges the resource gap in no-time.
Gets specialized skill Staff augmentation helps you to find specialized skilled resource when you are unable to find a specialized resource for a short-term project.
Adds more flexibility It also helps you to expand your work anytime without going through long recruitment and onboarding process.
Saves time and money Staff implementation is hassle-free and affordable compared to in-house resource hiring and saves a lot of time spent in the hiring process.
Provides talent pool With staff augmentation, you get a wide range of talent and skilled resources to choose from however the local hiring options are limited.

Benefits of Staff augmentation

Following are the benefits of staff augmentation:

  • Hire resources from all over the world:

Before outsourcing came into existence, companies were entirely dependent on local resources. However, due to regional market shortages, they often compromised on the criteria and indicators to hire the required skill. Now, staff augmentation provides access to the companies to hire the experts from the global talent pool.

  • Hire resources for immediate requirement:

Recruiting and hiring in-house resources consumes lots of time, funds, and effort. HRs find it difficult to fulfill the immediate requirement along with following the entire hiring process.. Working with staffing companies, your HRs can focus on the primary requirements, while we hire urgent resources and take care of the recruitment process and other formalities.

  • Reduce the overall project cost:

Outsourcing of any type helps to reduce the overall project cost. You don’t have to pay the hired resource for maternity and sick leave days off. The Staffing companies bear everything associated with the pre and post-recruitment process.

  • Provides trained resources:

Staffing companies ensure that the resources are abreast of the latest technology and trends. And, guarantee that proper training and development of the resource.

  • Eliminates legal and administrative formalities:

Collaborating with staff augmenting companies helps you to escape legal, administrative, and management formalities. The staffing company takes care of all the activities such as daily staff management, providing infrastructure to employees, payrolls, accounting, insurance, legal issues, team building, and leisure activities.

Types of staff augmentation

There are various staff augmentation models that you can use as per your business requirements.

Staff augmentation models What is it Where to utilize Pros Cons
Traditional staff augmentation Provides temporary employees For all project types Flexibility Difficult to find the appropriate staffing company
Master-vendor staff For large-scale staffing Temporary utlization Easily scalable, low cost Inconsistent talent quality
Boutique agency For small-scale companies aiming to hire a particular skill set For an exclusive and rare skill set High quality Expensive
Gig platforms Provides access to highly skilled resources through an online platform For short term and minor tasks Flexibility, speed Inconsistent talent quality
On-demand talent platform  Provides access to highly skilled resources through an online platform For all project types Quality, speed, flexibility Expensive
Independent contractors Independent contractors are hired directly by companies For all project types, where the clear focus is not defined Quality, flexibility Difficult to find

 Staff augmentation with Technology Mindz – How are we different?

 Technology Mindz provides skilled resources based on your business requirements. We assist you in finding highly experienced staff who adds value to your existing project team and gets along with company culture. Our flexible tech staffing solutions help you to fill the gap in your IT team and provide extensive support to your in-house development team. Moreover, we also take care of all the legal processes and paperwork so that you can focus on the core activities of the company stress-free.

What makes us unique?

Here are some of the attributes that make us stand out in crowd:

  • Efficient and quick process:

Our efficient recruitment team makes the recruitment process smooth and agile. We ensure that the hired staff is of good value to you and assists you in achieving maximum productivity and profit.

  • Easy replacement:

All our resources are highly skilled and undergo a callous screening process during the recruitment process. Anyhow, if the resource is not an appropriate choice for your company, we provide an easy resource replacement.

  • Flexible and scalable:

We always aim to support you whether it is an extra resource requirement on an urgent basis or scaling down of resources.

  • Metrics-driven project management:

We follow a digitally monitored work process, where you can view the complete report of the hired staff such as time invested by resources at each task, final outcome, and so on. This also helps you to monitor and utilization the resources efficiently.

  • Cyber security:

All the resources at Technology Mindz are well-versed with the cyber security protocols and infrastructure. Therefore, there is zero probability of cyber mishaps. We conduct regular awareness sessions to keep the resources up-to-date. Additionally, all our resources are cyber security insured; in case of any mishap, you bear no financial loss.

  • Quality management process:

We emphasize quality, accuracy, assurance, and end-user satisfaction. All our resources are highly skilled and undergo a rigorous screening process to get selected.

  • Communication process:

As employees work from different places, communication is essential when it comes to staff augmentation. We establish effective communication and management channels to keep your in-house and augmented staff well-tuned.

  • Information management:

We follow a completely organized and well-communicated knowledge transfer process. For this, we pre-define the mode of knowledge transfer, assign responsibilities, and work in sync with you to decide on the right stakeholders.

  • Experience:

Technology Mindz is a globally reputed company with more than 10 years of experience in staff augmentation. Our partnership helps you to leverage your business and meet the business goals.

Recruitment Models

We provide various recruitment models to choose from as per your business needs, i.e., on-shore, off-shore, hybrid, short-term, and long-term.

  • On-shore:

This model is helpful when frequent back-and-forth communication and collaboration are required on a project. Additionally, this model gives the leverage to work with someone from the same time zone and has the same linguistics, making the collaboration easier.

  • Off-shore:

This model helps you to find out talented and skilled personnel across the globe. Moreover, is cost-effective compared to other models.

  • Hybrid:

This recruitment model equips you to leverage the talent of both worlds. It provides you with an option to execute the local development by the in-shore resource and bulk work by the off-shore developers.

  • Short-term:

This recruitment model is for urgent or instant hiring. Resources with high expertise are provided to assist your internal team in getting a project done in a short term.

  • Long-term:

This model is recommended for long-term cooperation and projects. We provide you with resources where you can supervise the task completion at your end and we take care of the rest of the things.

Speak with a professional to learn about staff augmentation

Recruiting new talent to your organization is a complex process and unpredictable at times. However, if you are keen to augment your team, IT staff augmentation is the best option for you. It can give you an edge over your competitors while providing you to focus more on your core capabilities. Contact our professionals for more information on IT Staffing, we will be more than happy to serve you.

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