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Salesforce Lightning

Re-imagined the Salesforce User Interface (UI) with the seamless, smart and modern platform which coincides with growing user expectations. Technology Mindz works with the companies to focus on the advancement of Salesforce Lightning features and enhancing their user experience (UX). Salesforce Users are excited with upgraded features of Salesforce Lightning and evaluate the readiness to make the transition. With Salesforce platform businesses are growing and delivering innovative applications.

We help organizations in transforming their businesses with the adoption of Salesforce Lightning. Our professional approach and certified Salesforce expert solve customer’s complex business processes.

Why Salesforce users must switch from Salesforce classic to Salesforce lightning?

Drag-and-drop and Point-to-click functionality

Modern and customizable homepage

Enhanced user experience with unique user interface

Advanced dashboards with a clear view

Design allows seamless shift between desktop and mobile

The features which we think most important and powerful that enhance user experience are:

Lightning Experience

The lightning experience enables sales through streamlining processes flow. This feature help sales rep to focus on deals, customer service, visualize data and generate business opportunity accordingly.

Lightning App Builder

Salesforce has drag and drop icons where the users can use to build custom applications. It’s used to manage and update the application setting, branding, and navigation in the Lightning App Builder. Businesses need this feature to track sales and leads for any quarter.

Lightning Component Framework

An event-driven architecture for developing web and mobile applications. A framework optimized for performance to bridge the client and server.

Lightning Design System

Delightful experience and impressive design system serve as a style – guide for app development. User friendly and improved user interface helps business to stay ahead of competition.

Lightning Connect

Data from external sources can be integrated with Salesforce with the help of Lightning connect. Data can be accessed in real-time and easy to develop a relationship with external objects.

Technology Mindz adopts best practices during salesforce migration

  • Understand the users, identify their challenges and suggest solutions based on their roles and responsibilities.

  • Analyzing the app and find the work to be automated.

  • Showcase the path for easy and simple display.

  • Technology Mindz certified experts have a great combination of customization capability.

  • First understand the business requirement and then we suggest them with similar functionality and components to be organized and reused.

  • Also, we are helping our customers to protect valuable data and other threats through locker service functionality.

Find out how Technology Mindz can benefit your business

  • Provide an integrated and modern view of dashboards
  • Our experts give insight to the decision makers with consolidated customer information on one platform, thus taking their vision to the next level
  • Technology Mindz reduced the complexity with drag-and-drop functionality which enhances performance and quality testing
  • Streamlined the processes for our customers that automate helps in sales or other workflows
  • Disclose the mantra with our customers on how to manage pipelines, high win rates, increase efficiency and faster deployment