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Technology Mindz’s Salesforce DevOps model for success

At our company, we possess a thorough understanding of DevOps principles, tools, and practices. As a result, we have established ourselves as a trusted Salesforce DevOps partner with a wealth of experience in building Salesforce continuous integration and deployment solutions.

Our team is adept at developing Salesforce DevOps strategies and implementing Salesforce CI/CD solutions while expertly managing Salesforce releases and environments. Our goal is to make the release cycle faster, safer, and less susceptible to errors.

Our DevOps services include

Salesforce DevOps solutions

Streamline your development process, improve application quality, and accelerate your time-to-market.
Environment management

We create and manage multiple Salesforce environments, ensuring that all fundamental Salesforce environments are aligned and that your development teams have a single place to work.

Salesforce continuous integration

We implement Continuous Integration tools and processes that enable your teams to integrate code changes frequently and detect issues early in the development process.

Code quality & safety review

We perform code reviews and use industry-standard tools to identify and correct code quality issues, ensuring that your applications are secure and reliable.

Platform and mobile testing

We perform thorough testing of your Salesforce applications on different platforms and mobile devices, ensuring that your applications are functioning as expected and providing a seamless user experience.

Regular testing and QA

We perform regular testing and Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure that your applications are meeting business requirements and providing value to your organization.

DevOps tools we use

At our company, we have a team of skilled DevOps experts who are well-versed in leveraging a wide range of cutting-edge tools to help streamline your software development pipeline. Some of the tools we specialize in using include:
  • Copado
  • BitBucket Pipelines
  • AutoRABIT
  • Flosum
  • Jenkins
  • Ant-Migration Tool
  • CI /CD Rollout Pipelines
  • Platform Integrations
DevOps tools we use

Industries we serve

A decade of real-life experience helps us acquire expertise and domain knowledge of business models and processes across multiple industries.

We assist in excelling the changing client behaviour and delivering your valuable services promptly to help maintain the existing clientele while searching for new ones

Real estate

We help transition to more efficient processes by helping you manage inventories, properties, accounts, site visits, and more.


We assist you in accelerating acquisition, registration, service, and innovation. Let your focus be on patients.


We help to make work seamless by collaborating all data on admission, verification, assessment, alumni management, CRM etc., in one place.

Professional services

We equip you with technology that assists in proper management of projects, resource planning and delivering valuable services, which helps maintain the existing clientele while searching for new ones.

Banking and finance

We assist in addressing challenges like transitioning from traditional institutions to providing innovative solutions, meeting customer demands, preventing data breaches and more.


Our technology expertise empowers you to provide seamless experiences that inspire and convert modern connected shoppers that help you grow and succeed.

Our projects

We contribute to hundreds of projects annually through technologies that accelerate performance and innovation across multiple industries.
Custom calendar for an international registrar

Our client is an international registrar headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, having customers of large international manufacturers and service providers to small and medium-sized family-owned businesses. The client had been using Salesforce for an extended period but had not fully utilized its capabilities. We’ve been working with them for the past year, assisting in unlocking the full potential of Salesforce.

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Download manager : download bulk files and static resources

Businesses often find it difficult to download multiple files at once in Salesforce. Considering this challenge, Technology Mindz created a better and more adaptable download management application that allows a user in Salesforce to download files in bulk, saving a lot of time in hand.

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System enhancements for a non-profit organization

Our client is a Non-profit organization that has a network of transportation providers and serves older adults and people with mobility challenges, offering door-through-door and arm-through-arm rides for any purpose whenever they are needed. The organization supports sustainable community-based transportation for seniors and people with visual impairments.

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