Unleash the true potential of your business by Salesforce optimization

The possibility to customize solutions in Salesforce are endless, making it difficult to manage. In today’s world, customer expectations are moving at an accelerated rate, and businesses are keeping on their toe to adapt to technologies that can help them live up to the customer’s expectations. Now, what are the solutions and technologies that can help you achieve this?

One such technology is a customer relationship management system; the most prominent among them is Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM system.

As per research, Salesforce optimization helps the users to achieve the benchmark data as indicated below:

– Forecast Accuracy + 42%
– Sales Productivity + 34%
-Win Rate + 37%
-Case Resolution Time + 31%
-Lead Conversion + 30%
-Customer Retention + 45%
-Company Sales + 29% 

 Are you achieving the parameters mentioned above?

 If the answer to the above question is no, then we at Technology Mindz are here to help you through this. Technology Mindz is a Certified Salesforce solution partner helping organizations to get the best out of Salesforce.

How does Salesforce optimization add to your business advantage?

Let’s walk you through as how we can add value to your business by optimizing your Salesforce!

 Forecast accuracy

Accurate sales forecasting has always been a challenge to businesses. We help our clients to achieve the benchmark of 42% forecast accuracy, using Salesforce CRM in the following ways: 

  • We integrate our client’s customer-related data, previous sales data, pipeline data, and marketing insights into one central platform.
  • Further, we help in analyzing the data by optimizing Salesforce forecasting tools.
  • We take it ahead by converting data into actionable insights such as lead-to-customer ratio, lead conversion percentage, lead qualification percentage, sales closing ratio, and much more.

The above efforts assist clients in planning future actions, improving lead quality, and accurately forecasting sales.

Sales productivity

One goal of every booming organization is to improve its sales productivity. We assist clients in accomplishing the ideal 34% increase in sales productivity by using the Salesforce CRM system.

We work on improving two core things for businesses- sales effectiveness and efficiency, which help to drive their sales productivity.

The main measures taken to enhance sales effectiveness and efficiency are; 

  • Identifying sales opportunities by merging data across departments and getting a 360-degree customer view.
  • Leveraging the power of Salesforce Einstein to gain insights into customer profiles, which helps clients to establish strong relationships with customers, qualify leads, and add more value.
  • Automating the tasks further reducing the need to juggle between different systems.

Win rate

Most of the sales representatives remain under constant pressure to close more deals. We assist clients to accomplish the benchmark of a 37% increase in win rate using Salesforce CRM system in the following ways;

  • By streamlining redundant processes and helping clients to identify deals stuck in the sales pipeline.
  • By helping track and analyze competitor activities.
  • By assisting to develop and grow relationships with prospects. In addition, we help to maintain a leaderboard that inspires our client’s sales representatives to achieve more.

Quicker case resolution

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all “- Michael Le Boeuf. The key to satisfy customers is to reduce the case resolution time.

We help clients to minimize their case resolution time by approximately 31%, using Salesforce CRM in the following ways:

We start with setting and optimizing our client’s Salesforce service cloud. We use a service console, combined with the power of lighting and the case management features to improve the client’s customer service quality.

  • We assist our clients in managing their service level agreements and give their customers the level of support they have promised.
  • We empower our client’s sales personnel to solve customer complaints personally and reduce the need to escalate them to managers.
  • By implementing Salesforce automation and artificial intelligence features, we help our client’s customers resolve their complaints independently and escalate them when necessary.

Lead Conversion

Lead conversion is the most critical thing that drives any business growth, but most organizations struggle with this. We help clients to accomplish the benchmark of a 30% lead conversion rate in the following ways;

  • By capturing visitor’s data on our client’s website and social media platforms and further integrating it with Salesforce.
  • By helping to identify sales opportunities using the lead scoring power of AI and then qualifying the leads before initiating the sales process.
  • By tracking leads and getting all the information on prospect interactions and activities in one place. Further, helping our clients prepare an action plan to nurture leads through targeted campaigns.
  • We empower our clients to measure the ‘lead conversation efforts’ by using insights such as lead to sales conversion rate, lead to opportunity conversion rate, lead value, and cost per conversion, to name a few.

Customer retention 

A survey done by Bains and company shows that a 5% increase in customer retention rate can increase profits by 25%. It depicts how necessary customer retention is!

 We have aided businesses in improving their customer retention rate by approx. 45% implementing the below measures;

  • By centralizing customer data, like transaction histories, customer service communications, etc., enabling them to understand their customers better. Further, sending personalized messages to their customers using Pardot Dynamic Content.
  • Using marketing automation features, we empower our clients to re-engage with their customers by giving personalized recommendations through precision marketing.
  • We assist our clients in analyzing client’s customer retention strategy using KPIs like churn rate, existing customer revenue growth rate, and customer lifetime value.
  • We went the extra mile by giving guidance to our clients in procuring customer feedback that proved beneficial in improving their service experience.

Company sales 

The ultimate aim of any organization is to drive sales! We help clients to accomplish the benchmark of a 29% approx increase in company sales by taking the following measures:

  • We use the Salesforce sales cloud to aid clients in effectively managing their leads and planning their next steps to target vital leads, leading to more closures.
  • We assist in streamlining sales processes by letting sales representatives to

i. Have a better knowledge of products
ii. Get insights into customer’s behaviour
iii. Know the preferred communication mode of clients
iv. Understand business requirements and challenges
v. Nurture leads
vi. Take follow-ups

  • We empower clients to foster communication between different business units using chatter that enhances the collaboration required to drive sales.  

Wrapping Up 

We have always put our best foot forward in guiding and assisting businesses to excel using Salesforce. Our motto is to fuel up performance and innovation in our clients’ businesses.

Feel free to connect with us for a free consultation today! We would be happy to help you drive your business growth through Salesforce optimization. 

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