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Technology Mindz has achieved maturity level 3 of Capabilities Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). CMMI is the international model that covers successful efforts in the field of Information technology. It is one of the five CMMI maturity levels. By achieving this
Automating the complex business processes is a challenge for organizations. Companies are facing difficulty in managing the customer data and records. To surpass these problems, Salesforce understand the demands of customers and provide trending technology to the audiences. Robust Salesforce
Salesforce is known for CRM or customer relationship to manage software. It is a popular application development platform that services customer service and marketing industries. CRM helps small businesses to manage any process of the company efficiently and help them
Working in the financial services industry is not easy. It’s about managing people’s wealth and helping them plan their lives. Clients trust financial services companies with the money they spend so much money making and expect that the process of
Salesforce is a cloud-based business application that maintains customers data at a single platform. Salesforce CRM helps in nurturing the leads from the prospect stage to deal closure, improve sales cycle, customer service and analytics. Salesforce provides permission to the