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We assist you in getting the most out of Salesforce.

Technology Mindz is an end-to-end Salesforce partner for implementation, optimization, and audit.

We listen to understand your requirements and objectives. We work together to get the most out of your Salesforce.

Connecting is rewarding

    We deliver innovations that provide a connected experience across the whole organization.

    Salesforce consulting

    Providing comprehensive Salesforce consulting services that aim at solution identification, business assessment, roadmap implementation, change management, and more.

    Salesforce implementation

    Accelerating organizational performance and growth with the implementation of Salesforce after optimization.

    Salesforce integration

    Creating connected infrastructure with Salesforce Integration Services that provides a connected experience by streamlining processes and workflows.

    Salesforce customization

    Delivering Salesforce customization services focused on integrating new features or functionalities that are inaccessible in the default Salesforce environment.

    Salesforce audit

     Developing a comprehensive methodology with Salesforce audit that suggests improvements to extend your platform capabilities.

    Salesforce re-engineering

    Improving the efficiency of your business processes through a well-structured approach that helps you meet your goals.

    Salesforce support

    Providing 360-degree monitoring, maintenance, management, and technical Salesforce support that assures high user adoption.

    Salesforce managed service

    Facilitating the enablement of Salesforce for the entire lifecycle with Salesforce-managed services, which includes development, migrations, updates, and integrations.

    Salesforce report and dashboard

    Supporting you in creating, generating, and visually displaying the most important data with impactful Salesforce reports and dashboards.

    Industries we serve

    A decade of real-life experience helps us acquire expertise and domain knowledge of business models and processes across multiple industries.
    Advisory / Consulting

    We assist in excelling the changing client behavior and delivering your valuable services promptly to help maintain the existing clientele while searching for new ones.

    Real estate

    We help transition to more efficient processes by helping you manage inventories, properties, accounts, site visits, and more.


    We assist you in accelerating acquisition, registration, service, and innovation. Let your focus be on patients.


    We help to make work seamless by collaborating all data on admission, verification, assessment, alumni management, CRM etc., in one place.

    Professional services

    We equip you with technology that assists in proper management of projects, resource planning and delivering valuable services, which helps maintain the existing clientele while searching for new ones.

    Banking and finance

    We assist in addressing challenges like transitioning from traditional institutions to providing innovative solutions, meeting customer demands, preventing data breaches and more.


    Our technology expertise empowers you to provide seamless experiences that inspire and convert modern connected shoppers that help you grow and succeed.

    Salesforce products we work with

    We customize Salesforce products and build integrations with our sound practical knowledge and Salesforce best practices.
    Marketing cloud – Building a trusted relationship for life

    Customer data platform, Personalization, Engagement, Account engagement, Intelligence, Loyalty management, etc.

    Experience Cloud – Customer-first experience from anywhere

    Partner relationship management, business integrations customer service, building your experiences, connecting your customers, etc.

    Salesforce Einstein – Rapid adoption of AI across Salesforce

    Built-in AI to engage with empathy, increases productivity, and scales connected customer experiences across the organization.

    Tableau – Revealing the power of data

    Sales– turns data into measurable growth.
    Service– insights from CSAT.
    Marketing– data-driven insights for campaign optimization.

    Mulesoft – Connected experience faster

    Anypoint exchange, design center, anypoint security, mule runtime engine, management center for connecting any system, anywhere.

    Slack – Empowering collaboration

    Improves collaboration and communication between teams and helps to deliver exceptional experiences that accelerate business growth. It is beneficial for all teams, be it- sales, service, marketing or project management.

    Salesforce Certifications

    We have a dedicated team of Salesforce-certified consultants who have a wealth of knowledge to help you get most out of your Salesforce instances.

    Platform Developer 1
    Platform developer 2
    Certified System architect
    Application architect
    Integration architect
    Sales cloud consultant
    Service cloud consultant
    Experience cloud consultant
    Marketing cloud consultant
    Commerce developer and architect
    Paradot consultant
    CPQ specialist
    Field service consultant
    Nonprofit cloud consultant

    Awards and Recognition

    We are a full-blown Salesforce partner with a decade of real-life experience !

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