New Sales Cloud Innovations to Enhance your Sales Productivity

Sales Cloud being a well-integrated product by Salesforce, is enabling salespeople to excel their sales management. This is resulting in an accelerated growth of businesses around the globe.

Now, Sales Cloud has come up with new innovations to take your sales management to the next level. Let’s have a look at these latest five innovations:


1. Sales Cloud (+ Data Cloud + Einstein AI)

Data Cloud, along with Einstein AI, is a great combination enabling the sellers with some new attributes, like:

  •  The feature of generative AI-powered emails helps in auto-generating relevant emails that capture and retain the prospect’s interest. These are being generated using the CRM data.
  •  Einstein Bots for Sales helps in re-targeting the qualified leads, by automating lead nurturing process.
  •  Information like the transcriptions of the Einstein Conversation Insights and conversational AI analysis will be accessible in 14 additional languages. It will make Conversational AI-driven sales coaching more comprehensible for the sellers.

–  The availability of this innovation is in a closed pilot.


2. Activity 360

Before the relaunch, Activity 360 was known as Einstein Activity Capture. Activity Capture allows you to get the data from Gmail & Outlook and add that data to Salesforce. Though this was useful for syncing data between these platforms, sales activity data still needed to be reportable in Salesforce.

With the new features of Activity 360, third party-platforms are now reportable with the help of standard Salesforce reports.

– 360 Activity is generally accessible.


3. Sales Planning

Sales Planning speeds up the process of building end-to-end plans as per the CRM data. This advanced territory planning is gradually becoming a fully integrated command center for sales operations and sales managers.

– The release of Sales Planning is expected in June 2023.


4. Pay Now

Pay Now makes the buying process simple for customers. This feature automates purchasing activities, making it user-friendly. Customers can now make purchases using the payment method of their choice. Furthermore, payment capabilities can be integrated with invoices, email or sms in this new feature.

– Pay Now and the Reorder Portal are expected to go live in June 2023.


5. Tableau for Sales

Tableau is a well-known data visualization platform. It is being combined with Data Cloud and Einstein GPT to get its benefits for sales. Using this combination, the sales leaders can explore any data. This further helps them in deciding and creating new sales strategies for better results.

– Tableau is generally available, while Data Cloud and Einstein GPT are in closed pilot.



The interest of the salespeople in the Sales Cloud is increasing remarkably. Its familiarity and usability are also on the surge. Therefore, Sales Cloud is continuously developing and making several updates to simplify sales management.

With the experienced team of Technology Mindz, you can understand how these new add-ons can benefit your organization. In addition to implementing these for you, we can customize them according to your requirements.

At Technology Mindz, integrating innovations with businesses is always our top priority.

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