Custom calendar for an international registrar


- External users can see internal events on the existing calendar.
- Auditors cannot search events (audits) by location/region.
- Unused features in the client’s current calendar.


- Created a custom Salesforce calendar.
- Connected data of audits in Salesforce with the calendar.
- Created different views for internal and external partners.


- Internal - external auditor privacy.
- Increased convenience with custom calendar.
- 3rd party calendar subscription fees savings.

Our client is an international registrar headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, having customers of large international manufacturers and service providers to small and medium-sized family-owned businesses. The client had been using Salesforce for an extended period but had not fully utilized its capabilities. We've been working with them for the past year, assisting in unlocking the full potential of Salesforce.

The client wanted Technology Mindz to create an efficient calendar within Salesforce using a custom configuration with key features replacing the existing 3rd party calendar. The client had multiple auditors and they were facing challenges in analyzing availability of the auditors with their existing system.

We created a customized calendar for our client and integrated it with Salesforce. It was customized with many functionalities to improve their overall operational efficiency.


Key Industry

- Business consulting and services

Key Pains

- Paying higher monthly subscription fees for external calendar.
- Poor confidentiality between external and internal auditors.
- Dependency on a 3rd party calendar.

Product Mix

- Sales cloud

The client was using a 3rd party calendar with many unnecessary features and were paying high monthly subscription fees for it.


In the existing system, external (partner users) and internal auditors had access to all the information related to audits. This led to lack of privacy. Client wanted different views for internal and external auditors.

External auditors were not able to mention their availability in the current calendar. This led to mismanagement and delays in scheduling audits for them.


There was no search functionality to search the events by auditor’s name, region and client’s name. The client wanted this for internal users.

The 3rd party calendar which the client was previously using had limitations to create audit records in Salesforce.

  1. Created a custom Salesforce calendar using the LWC component and Javascript library. Integrated data related to audits in calendar with the Salesforce data.
  2. Customized two different views for internal and external auditors in order to maintain privacy and mitigate any data breach events.
  3. Configured a functionality where the external users could mention their availability and see audits scheduled for them with all the details.
  4. Configured search functionality for internal users in the calendar to search events using 3 filters- auditor’s name, region and client’s name.
  5. Customized a functionality to open an audit detail popup in read-only mode whenever an audit event is clicked on the calendar. It mentioned all the details like the auditor's name, number of hours, start and end date and others.
  1. Increased convenience of the auditors: Increased convenience of the auditors since they were now able to view all the details of their respective audits.
  2. Cost savings for the client: The client now had access to a customized calendar which was made precisely keeping the key features. This removed the high monthly subscription fees for the client.
  3. Dynamic search functionality: The calendar was easy to use and it enabled the client to dynamically search events by the name of auditor/location/region.
  4. Internal- external auditor privacy: Providing distinct views and features for internal and external users aided the client in safeguarding sensitive data. The lightning calendar component was designed to display all the audit records in monthly/weekly view for internal users, which was separated from external partners' records.