Enhanced data tracking and sales rep activity monitoring


- Limited customizations available in Salesforce Professional edition.
- Difficulty in tracking activities of sales representatives.
- Unable to track cars located at multiple locations owned by a franchise owner.


- Created a customized report and dashboard to track activities of sales representatives.
- Implemented a comprehensive roll-up summary solution to track fleet size on the parent account.
- Implemented Salesforce flows to track data in the client’s organization.


- Successful monitoring of activities of Sales rep.
- Enhanced productivity due to automated business processes with Salesforce flow.
- Business scalability due to enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities.

Our client offers a comprehensive and technologically advanced reservation services program to independent car rental operators, enabling them to extend their services, access a diverse range of distribution channels, and effectively compete with industry leaders through affiliation with well-established brands.

The client approached Technology Mindz with the need to efficiently track and manage all the cars located at multiple locations owned by franchise owners. They wanted to consolidate this information within the parent account record and utilize it to generate reports that track sales representatives’ activities.

We successfully addressed the client’s requirements, even within the limitations of Salesforce Professional Edition, by implementing Salesforce Flow, roll-up summaries, and customized reports and dashboards. These solutions resulted in improved data management and real-time sales activity tracking, ultimately leading to a satisfied client and clients’ enhanced experiences.

Key Industry

- Transportation and vehicle rental

Key Pains

- Limited functionalities due to the use of Salesforce Professional edition.
- Reliance on manual business processes due to unavailability of apex code and triggers.
- Inefficient reporting and analytics due to lack of reports and dashboards.

Product Mix

- Sales cloud

Difficulties in tracking all the cars located at multiple locations that a franchise owner owns in the parent account record.


Challenges faced by the client in tracking the activities of sales representatives.

Limited customizations and automations due to unavailability of apex code and triggers in Salesforce professional edition.


Lack of real-time insights and data-driven decision making due to unavailability of customized reports and dashboards.

  1. Developed and implemented a robust solution utilizing Salesforce flow, to effectively track cars located at multiple locations.
  2. Implemented roll up summaries for the fleet size on the parent account using three flows for create/update, reparent, and delete scenarios. This approach has enabled us to provide a detailed and accurate overview of the organization's fleet size at a glance.
  3. We have utilized the powerful capabilities of Salesforce's reports and dashboard builder to create a customized report and dashboard to track sales representative activities.
  4. Created various flows to automate business processes for the client.
  1. Effective monitoring of sales rep activities: The Salesforce reports and dashboard Builder enabled the client to monitor sales representative activities in real time. This improved visibility into sales metrics and performance, empowering the organization to make informed decisions and enhance sales strategies.
  2. Client and Customer Satisfaction: The successful implementation of these solutions led to a satisfied client and, in turn, enhanced the experience for their clients. The ability to track data and sales activities efficiently improved overall business operations and customer service.
  3. Easy tracking of cars located at multiple locations: With the help of Salesforce flows, the client was able to track cars located at multiple locations. This provided them enhanced convenience and productivity.