How has a leading automobile company improved sales by providing hyper-personalized experiences to its prospects


- Prepare, manage, and schedule personalized emails for prospects.
- Analyze the brand’s position in the market.
- Give personalized and quick responses to all the comments and queries on social media.


- Installed and configured marketing cloud connector in sales cloud
- Worked on data migration of prospects from CRM.


- Efficient in providing hyper-personalized client experience.
- Capable of providing quick and personalized responses on social media platforms.
- Reduced time for managing sales and marketing cloud.
- 20% increase in sales.

Ninety percent of car purchases start online. To thrive in this highly competitive market, our client, the leading automobile company, aims to provide an exceptional personalized experience to its prospects and customers. Their ultimate goal is to acquire new customers and increase their loyalty to the brand. The company strives to ensure that its team is fully equipped to deliver high-quality services, inspiring prospects to buy its products.

The company was in search of a solution to enhance their client’s experience, provide quick-adequate support and increase overall work efficiency. They approached us with an objective:

Configurations of marketing cloud to set up Journey builder.
Topics and Keyword configuration.
Engagement Console Configuration.
Analysis Console Configurations.
Security Configuration.

Key Industry


Key Pains

Unable to give personalized experience to clients

Product Mix

Integration of sales cloud with marketing cloud

The Challenges

  • Managing customers’ email.
  • Sending scheduled emails to the customers.
  • Preparing a personalized journey of emails.
  • Market analysis of the brand.
  • Give personalized and quick responses to all the comments and queries on social media.

Technical Approach

To fulfill the specific requirements of our client, we applied the following approach:
  • Connected Sales cloud to Marketing cloud with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector.
  • Created data extension in the marketing cloud to store prospects.
  • Create personalized emails for promotion and campaigns from the email studio.
  • Topics and Keyword configuration in the Social studio to see trends for specific keywords in the social networking sites.
  • Engagement console configuration.
  • User and Security Configuration for sales and marketing cloud.

The Solutions

  • Installed and configured marketing cloud connector in sales cloud.
  • Setup of sales and marketing cloud connectors and data extensions.
  • Created personalized emails through email studio for promotion and campaigns.
  • Worked on the journey builder to build an automated personalized journey for the prospects.
  • Manage/create topic profiles in social studio.
  • Creating/mapping custom and standard fields between sales cloud and marketing cloud
  • Data migration of prospects from CRM.

The Benefits

The following benefits to the end-user:
  • Syncing between Sales Cloud and Marketing cloud
  • The journey gets prospects directly from the sales cloud
  • Ease to check on the topics and keywords trends from social networking sites.
  • Configured engage to monitor the content that has been posted to social accounts using Publish or with matching topic profiles.
  • Time-saving process as user can get the easy mail sending feature

The Results

The configurations and integrations worked very positively for the automobile company. The efficiency and performance of the company increased. They could now deliver hyper-personalized experiences to their customers and prospects, significantly boosting their sales.
  • A customized, personalized and targeted customer journey.
  • Capable to understand the consumer-base better.
  • Reduction in time to manage sales and marketing cloud manually.
  • Deliver cross-channel and cross-functional marketing campaigns.
  • Capable of providing quick and personalized responses on social media platforms.
  • 20% increase in sales.