Intelligent call routing with Service cloud voice


- Lack of a proper system for routing calls to the concerned customer service agent.
- Frustrated customers because of longer wait times.
- No support for call back and voicemail facilities.


- Integrated telephony system with the Salesforce.
- Configured Service cloud voice to efficiently route calls to the concerned persons.
- Integrated various functionalities as per the client’s requirements.


- More proactive and personalized services.
- Reduced average handling time and optimized volume surges.
- Increased agent productivity and efficiency.

Our client, a leading technology company based in France, specializes in providing telecom services for businesses. With their certified FrenchTech status, they offer a SaaS software suite that enables SMEs, mid-sized companies, and large enterprises to efficiently manage their telephone systems and customer relations in the cloud.

The client was looking for a technology partner that could provide them a new telephony solution that was integrated into Salesforce. They needed functionalities to identify who the caller was and intelligently route the call to the correct customer service agent. They also wanted some additional features like call-back and call transcription.

We suggested a telephony solution and integrated it with Salesforce Service cloud voice for our client. With this, we effectively addressed the client’s need for a integrated telephony solution with Salesforce, intelligent call routing, call-back functionality, and real-time call transcription. This transformed the client’s customer service operations, leading to increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall service quality.

Key Industry

- Telecommunications industry

Key Pains

- Inefficient call routing system and longer wait times which resulted in customer dissatisfaction.
- The telephony system was not integrated with the Salesforce.
- Absence of call-back and voicemail facilities, impacting customer service.

Product Mix

- Service cloud

Lack of a proper system that would allow the agents and supervisors to make and receive calls through the Salesforce platform.


No functionality to effectively route calls to a key contact person based on the caller ID. No features for real-time transcription and recording of calls.

The client wanted a call-back option if the caller had been waiting in a queue for greater than 120 seconds.


The conventional call routing system struggled to efficiently distribute calls to the right agents, resulting in frustrated customers who were often transferred multiple times.

Lack of a centralized console since the telephony system was not integrated with the Salesforce. It led to inefficiencies since the agents needed to toggle between different tools or multiple screens.

  1. Integrated the client's telephony system with Salesforce, providing a unified platform for customer interactions. Provided a telephony solution that was seamlessly integrated with Salesforce that would allow their agents and supervisors to make and receive calls through the Salesforce platform.
  2. Configured Service cloud voice to efficiently route calls to the relevant customer service agents on the basis of caller ID.
  3. Implemented a call-back feature that allowed callers who had been waiting in a queue for more than 120 seconds to request a call back at a later time.
  1. Proactive and personalized services: Service cloud voice enabled the client to provide more proactive and personalized customer services, addressing their specific needs.
  2. Reduced average handling time: Optimized call handling times, reducing wait times for customers and enhancing their experience.
  3. Increased agent productivity: Improved agent productivity and efficiency, reducing the need for frequent customer transfers.
  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction: Led to higher customer satisfaction by ensuring effective service quality and shorter wait times.