IT Helpdesk system for an equipment financing company


- No checks and balances on systems used by employees.
- Highly unorganized and unstructured infrastructure management.
- No security guidelines to protect systems from unauthorized access.


- Made recommendations to only allow authorized users to access their network.
- Installed Endpoint central system for remote access.
- Created security policies for checks and balances.


- Higher system reliability and less downtime.
- Protection of sensitive data from unauthorized exposure.
- Business scalability for the client.

Our client aims to make equipment financing easy. They offer support in simplifying the process of equipment financing for their clients. They partner with vendors across industries, and have access to numerous lending sources to secure ideal financing solutions for their clients.

The client was looking for an IT service vendor for proactive maintenance of their entire IT infrastructure. With growing business, their current vendor was not able to fulfill their requirements. The client was also looking for a Helpdesk system setup.

We set up a Helpdesk system for the client, creating a centralized ticket management system. We undertook a detailed analysis of their current situation and made recommendations to organize and sophisticate their entire IT infrastructure. We offered round-the-clock availability to the client, and our team of highly skilled professionals managed all of the client’s needs.

Key Industry

- Financial services

Key Pains

- With the client’s growing business, their requirements grew beyond the capacity of their current service provider. It was hampering the growth of their business.

Product Mix

- ServiceDesk, Endpoint Central, Sophos Central

Unorganized and unsophisticated approach of maintaining IT infrastructure which possessed many challenges to the client’s growing business.


No checks and balances on systems that employees were using to access the organization’s network. This resulted in compromised security.

Manual process of raising IT issues through emails. No ticketing system to raise a case which led to inefficiencies and delays.


Lack of a database to keep records of all the systems, information about the machines’ warranties and details of all the assets.

Underutilization of the softwares that the client has purchased. They were not leveraging their maximum potential.

  1. We conducted a detailed analysis of the client's requirements and provided managed IT services to the client. Our team of highly skilled professionals were available 24/7 for the client.
  2. We took care of all the client's requirements including hardwares, softwares, laptop relacements, network installations. We set up an escalation metrics system for increased convenience.
  3. Installed Endpoint central in all the systems individually for remote access and patch deployment. Conducted threat analysis and installed Sophos to deploy endpoint security.
  4. Created a centralized ticket management system using Service desk. Even if a user raises issues through email, it will automatically create a ticket in the web system.
  5. Restricted access of all the systems that were not in compliance with the security guidelines. Created a database of all the employees and systems that they should be using to access the organization's network.
  1. Increased convenience with Helpdesk system: Helpdesk system increased the convenience in raising issues through ticketing system. It created a centralized repository for all the cases and their status.
  2. Enhanced security: The Endpoint security system, creation of security policies and checks and balances on the access to the network resulted in enhanced security for the client.
  3. Business scalability: More sophisticated, secured and organized IT infrastructure provided business scalability to the client. It also streamlined the overall organizational operations.
  4. Reduced IT complexity: Proper infrastructure management included simplifying and streamlining IT systems, which reduced unnecessary complexity, and optimized resource usage.