Configured Program Management Module to streamline program management process


- Inaccuracies due to manual maintenance of programs.
- Difficulties in tracking activities of students.
- Unavailability of proper data to measure outcomes of programs.


- Configured and personalized the Program Management Module.
- Created a proper structure to store programs and subprograms.
- Provided training and various demonstrations to the client.


- Improved analysis of programs and their outcomes.
- Data-driven decisions to better serve their beneficiaries.
- Increased convenience and standardization.

Our client is a Non-profit organization, passionately serving the communities of South Jersey by providing STEM education to students of all ages and preparing them to enter the fast-paced IT and IoT workforce.

The client sought a centralized solution for managing their programs, services, and courses which they provide to the underprivileged students. They were interested in understanding how the Program Management Module (PMM) functions and how it can be used for their Non-Profit organization.

We configured Program Management Module for them and added courses and services which they offer as programs in the Program Management Module. It helped them to effectively manage their programs and drive better results and outcomes. They were able to enhance their efficiency and deliver impactful outcomes.

Key Industry


Key Pains

- Inefficient approach to manage programs.
- Manual book keeping for managing programs which led to errors.
- Regular delays in program deliveries.

Product Mix

Program management Module, NPSP, Sales Cloud

Information related to programs and services were at multiple places.


No personalized and centralized portal to manage all the programs and services.

Lack of a standard framework to track programs, courses and the whole engagement process which led to inefficiencies.


Lack of a proper system for tracking the attendance and other activities of the students.

  1. Configured Program Management Module as per the client’s requirements. Integrated services and programs in the Program Management Module.
  2. Created a structure to add various courses that our client provides like Cybersecurity, Python as Programs under the Program Management Module.
  3. Created a framework to store data related to students( stored in the Salesforce) in the Program Management Module and linked this to various courses provided by the Client.
  4. Provided training and demonstrations to the client on how to use the Program Management Module to manage their courses and track activities of students under different courses.
  5. The Program Management Module for this client was customized for tracking the courses they offer and the activities of the program engagements (students). Integrated a system to track students' activities like attendance using service schedule under the Program Management Module.
  1. Increased focus on other important tasks: Reduction in time to keep record of all the programs manually. With the simplification of their program management process, they could now focus on other important aspects.
  2. Delivery of impactful programs: With all the data at one place, they could make better analysis of the performance of their programs and deliver more impactful programs.
  3. Improved management of programs: Enhanced management of programs and the benefits they provide. Streamlined management of participant enrollments in a program.
  4. Increased convenience and standardization: No requirement of tracking programs and services on paper or in spreadsheets. Standard format to organize program data across the whole organization.