Pardot integration for a non-profit organization


- Manual process of performing time-consuming and repetitive marketing tasks.
- Difficulty in multi-channel marketing.
- Lack of dynamic and personalized campaigns.


- Setup Pardot lightning for the client.
- Integrated Pardot with the Sales cloud.
- Created personalized campaigns and integrated it with Salesforce.


- Able to track activity of their clients/prospects.
- Increased lead generation through customized campaigns.
- Integration between sales and marketing departments.

Our client is a passionate not-for-profit global healthcare leader setting the global standard for person-centered excellence across the continuum of care. The organization delivers a leading evidence-based framework for co-designing roadmap to improved patient and family engagement, better clinical outcomes, increased staff retention and recruitment, and high value care.

The client wanted Technology Mindz to set up and integrate Pardot with their Salesforce org to automate marketing campaigns, streamline lead management process, make data driven decisions and improve overall performance of the organization. The client was also looking for customizations to meet their specific requirements.

We helped the client with Pardot lightning setup. Held various meetings with the client to understand their specific requirements. We integrated various functionalities and performed customizations as per the client’s requirements.


Key Industry

- Non-profit

Key Pains

- No single platform to manage marketing initiatives.
- Different platforms for sales and marketing departments.
- Difficulty in tracking engagement activity of prospects on the website.

Product Mix

- Sales cloud and Pardot

The client was manually performing repetitive marketing tasks like sending mails which consumed a lot of time and led to delays.


There was no framework to track activities of prospects on the website which led to loss of opportunities.

The client used to manually extract data from Salesforce and transfer it to another platform for email communication.


Lack of data driven decisions and personalized marketing campaigns to attract more prospects.

  1. Installed Pardot lightning and integrated it with the Salesforce.
  2. Set up Pardot connector and synced marketing campaigns of the client with Pardot campaigns.
  3. Created fields on account, contact and lead objects in Pardot and mapped them with the respective fields in Salesforce.
  4. Created workflows and triggers to automate time-consuming and repetitive marketing tasks.
  1. Increased productivity: Increased productivity since the process of creating campaigns and sending mails was automated with Pardot. Pardot automation helped to quickly assign qualified prospects to the appropriate person.
  2. Customized marketing efforts: Customized marketing efforts and targeted engagements to attract more leads and prospects.
  3. Data-driven decisions: Optimized marketing strategies and data driven decisions with the help of Pradot analytics and insights.
  4. Enhanced efficiency: With Pardot lightning, the sales and marketing teams can operate side by side on one platform. Pardot connector helped to integrate data between Salesforce and Pardot which enhanced efficiency.
  5. Increased lead generation: Tracking the engagement activities of prospects on the website became streamlined. It helped the client to generate more leads for their business.