Salesforce set up and integration of Sales engagement for a healthcare lending company


- Errors and inaccuracies due to manual tasks.
- Lack of a structured framework to track loan applications.
- Manual process of managing leads’ status.


- Salesforce was set up for the client from scratch.
- Customized functionalities as per the client’s requirements.
- Set up Sales engagement( high velocity sales) for the client.


- Streamlined process of storing and managing leads.
- Increased efficiency due to automation of tasks.
- Simplified and effective follow up process.

Our client is a lending company that specializes in providing loans to healthcare professionals. They provide quick and easy financing for doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians and more. The organization provides different types of loans on the basis of different criteria.

The client was looking for a Salesforce partner to help them with Salesforce implementation. They wanted to automate the process of lead generation and management. The client was relying on manual tasks and was looking for automation.

We set up Salesforce for the client and customized all the fields and objects as per their requirements. Sales engagement was set up for the client to automate follow-up tasks for lead conversion and streamline the whole process. We helped the client with automation.


Key Industry

- Non-profit and healthcare

Key Pains

- Reduced productivity due to manual work rather than automation.
- Time taking process of leads follow up.
- Loss of leads due to manual process of tracking.

Product Mix

- Service cloud and Sales cloud

The client was not using Salesforce earlier and hence there was a heavy reliance on manual processes which led to wasted efforts and time of resources.


Manual process of entering data from the website to excel. The status of the leads was also managed manually. It led to a lot of chaos and mismanagement.

Leads were coming from 2 different sources on the website and they were segregated into different categories for loan processing. This process was done manually earlier which led to a lot of errors and inaccuracies.


Long follow-up process and all the follow up tasks were performed manually which consumed a lot of time and effort.

Lack of a structured framework to track loan applications and review them which led to delays and loss of opportunities.

  1. Configured Salesforce so tha record for leads from the website was created in the Salesforce automatically and there was no need to enter data manually in Excel.
  2. Integrated and customized a lead data model as per the client’s requirement. Created a framework to store leads in Salesforce and segregate them as per different criterias to increase convenience.
  3. Created data model for leads. Designed the layout and customized the fields in Salesforce. Configured web-to-lead form to store all the leads from the website directly in the Salesforce.
  4. Set up sales engagement which is a flow to accelerate the sales process with a high productivity workspace.
  5. There was a 7 day process to follow up on leads which included different series of tasks. Created different cadences for these tasks to automate them. A cadence can include activities like sending emails, making calls, arranging meetings, and sending text messages.
  1. Streamlined process to capture leads: Web-to-lead form simplified the process of capturing leads through the website.
  2. Simplified follow up process: Follow up process became simplified and more effective due to cadences and sales engagement.
  3. Consistency: Time was saved and consistency was improved by adding automation to sales engagement activities.
  4. New opportunities for business: Leads conversion became simplified and automation helped them to create new opportunities and to shift focus on other important areas.
  5. Seamless configuration of Salesforce: Seamless configuration across the Salesforce platform helped to deal with leads applications for loans efficiently.